Aug 30, 2008

Back to BYU.

Well the only Baird child who ever asked me how I was, the only Baird child who ever asked what they could do to help and the only Baird child who tried to make peace and not war with his siblings left today for his second year of BYU. I feel an acute emptiness. He has been home since April and this will most likely be the last time he will be home for a long period of time ever. In January he will put in his mission papers.

We had some friends in Indiana who had the tradition of making apple dumplings on the first day of school and he determined that we needed to do this so he called the friend and got the recipe for the dumplings then he handed me money to buy the ingredients. He came home on Thursday from his last day of work at Mass Mutual and immediately began peeling 12 lbs of apples. At 9:30pm he pulled 2 9x13 pans of apple dumplings out of the oven. His crust was perfect. And he was so thrilled with himself. And they were done perfectly.

I will miss his piano playing. I will miss how he always notices when something needs to happen. He would frequently grab the little girls when they were bored and play Memory with them. He would try to distract the other kids from killing each other. I will miss him leaving the Ensign laying around. I always was moving it from where he last read it to put it away. I confess it doesn't get read as much when he is not here :)

The picture is of him with his, just received, tickets to the BYU football games. He was so excited to get those.

He finally decided his major will officially be Chemical Engineering. He is trying to get a job on campus this year. And most of his friends are already gone on their missions. I am worried about him getting a computer to rent. I am worried about him making friends just like I was when he left for kindergarten. I am worried about him recognizing that his clothes are worn out and that he needs to buy new ones. But I will survive.

And the other kids will grow up to be just as pleasant to be around.....I hope :)


Anne Marie said...

It is such a bittersweet thing to have our kids grow up and change.

Hope my sons will grow up to be as thoughtful and kind as Zak.

Jenn said...

I didn't know he left this week? It is sad. He will have so much fun! My Shan will be sad that Natalie's "cute" biggest brother will not be around. At least there is Joe to appease her interest in the Baird brothers. Do you think I have a chance of my girls outgrowing their love of boys! :) Aren't your friend's brothers suppose to be off limits? LOL XD He will be missed. He is such a great kid, well young man!

Maddilyn and Miriam said...

Told you he was your favorite!