Sep 22, 2008

Dear Word Verification Dude.

Okay I understand that all of you may not understand about the agony of word verification but I still must write about it. It is KILLING me. Who is the person that is sitting in a little cubicle somewhere laughing hysterically at these word verification letter combinations? I bet this guy...yes, I am pretty sure it is a guy, very possibly a guy who was teased in elementary school and maybe a year of middle school also. I can see him sitting there creating these letter combinations that are nearly impossible and then calling out to his office with giddy glee, "Hey, you guys come check out this letter combination it is definitely better than the last one." And all of them half heartedly drag their chairs over to his desk to admire his latest creation and comment on how many "x's" and "j's" it has. I am telling you these word verifications are getting super tough. And I think they are getting longer too. I mean today I had jxuptxz and I know it does not mean anything to you just looking at it here on my plain blog but when it is in that wavy freaky close together "way" it is tough.

I know word verification is for my benefit. It makes sure a machine is not collecting info for illegal purposes but my dear word verification guy does it have to be so tough? The definition of word verification is a "type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether the user is human." I understand the word "challenge" may have mislead you to think I want it to be hard or like it to be hard but does it have to be so hard to determine whether I am a human or not? Just ask me what my favorite food is? Or ask me if I am dieting? Or how I feel about word verification, wouldn't that be easier?

Did you all know that that word verification is called a CAPTCHA? And that term was started in the year 2000 and it is a contrived acronym for Completely Automated Public Turning test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. And guess what that means? That there is no "word verification dude" it is a computer. But don't oyu like the idea of it being a person better? And you know why the words are getting annoyingly longer? Because a "bot" still has a chance of figuring out the word and as it does it can use the information to progressively improve...I sense a movie script coming..."Attack of the Word Verification Bot." In order for the CAPTCHA to be resistant to those darn "chance guessing botnet attacks" you and I would be forced to solve an annoyingly large number of images and thus we come full circle :) I got the impression they are working on that but the words were getting way to big and boring for me to continue on with my reading. So I am off to catch up on my commenting on blogs and agonize over more word verifications.


Anne Marie said...

I agree completely! Most of the time, I have to re-type the word verification because I thought two vv's together looked like a w or a j was actually an i.

another day in the life of... said...

so annoying. i can't even tell you how frustrated i get with this. some of my favorite blogs just disable the word verification. i haven't done that because i haven't thought it through yet, but it is mighty tempting!

Kristy said...

I had no idea about CAPTCHA! I gave up word verification for my blog. It was annoying.