Sep 25, 2008

The grass is always greener.

According to the neighbor when the builder planted my grass he just threw down seed and that was that. She said from her side of the fence it looked like I had the "grass god's" smiling on my side. She said she and her husband were always wondering how a house with no one living in it and grass with no attention was doing so well. But all of that stopped when I moved in and she actually came over to this side of the fence and saw the grass up close. Then she felt ever so much better about her grass. It is so funny how from a distance things can look so great and then you get up close and realize they are not so great. I am sure this is a moment I could give you an inspiring thought for the day but I'll pass.

I agonize over the lawn daily. I do not necessarily need it to be absolutely perfect but I do need green everywhere I look. I am not too picky at this point in my life as to what the green is as long as when you mow it from a distance it looks lush and green :) I am sure you have enough information now to effectively analyze my personality.

So throughout the summer I have been choosing spots and raking them really good and hard and throwing seed down and watering. I think it may take me forever but I do not want to attempt to do the whole lawn at once that is a lot of sprinkler dragging. Yesterday I noticed little green poking up in the latest spot. There is nothing more rewarding then throwing down seeds and getting results, it makes me ever so happy.

In the back of my mind I know there are a lot of things to know about growing a lawn. I know there are months that you do certain things. But as you can tell from the picture my priorities are elsewhere. Besides it costs so much money to buy all the bags of stuff that need to go on the lawn.

When I drive Joe on the paper route I longingly and jealously look at the beautiful lush green lawns in these established neighborhoods and try to remind myself that their lawns have been around a lot longer than mine and everyone's lawn had to start somewhere.


Alyson said...

Congratulations on your lawn. I admire your tenacity in coaxing it into life.

Kristy said...

We are in the same boat! I need to send you a picture of my dirt so you'll feel better about your yard.

I also need to send you a picture of my almond-colored fridge next to my yellow metal cabinets so that maybe your fridge will be allowed back in the house.

another day in the life of... said...

my dad is a landscaper and did you know that one of the biggest lawn seeding secrets is seeding in the fall?! you go it right and didn't even know it! congrats. i guess most people think spring is better because it is starting to get warm, but in the fall the grass will just get established and then have all winter to strengthen its roots before having to fight heat. equaling healthier grass! ok, enough on this book length comment...

Roger said...

Whew! I thought I was the only one to agonize over my (rented in my case) lawn. I have patch seeded and watered and watered only to see most of it sprout (YEAH!)then die out. :( I am sufficiently frustrated and yet, I still can't resist getting that bag of seed and fertilizer!

I was wondering if I should try seeding in the fall... guess I'm headed back to the store!