Sep 18, 2008

The little black card.

Today I went to Costco. My first time at Costco as an Executive Member. You will now refer to me as "Executive Member Jenn". The minute I walked in the door and flashed my shiny, sleek looking card I felt different. I did not wear sweats to Costco today. I must act like an executive member now that I am one so I carefully chose black slacks, a crisp white shirt and a pink 3/4 sleeve cardigan. I was a little worried about the gray that is showing in my chemically dependent hair but we needed food, so I had to go. I debated about carrying the precious card casually in my hand the whole time so that other people would know. But I didn't. I had totally forgotten that now that I am an executive member I can shop earlier than the plain Costco members. No more waiting until 11 to get into the cavernous cement interior for me. I can get in at 10 now. They will get my money a whole hour earlier.

I decided now that I am an executive member I should explore and educate myself as to what there is to purchase. I did not rush to the food section this time like I usually do. I inspected electronics, rugs, vacuums and automotive stuff....just in case. Now that every purchase counts towards my extremely fat check with 2% of my spending on it I want to make sure that I know exactly what I could buy unreasonably huge boxes of.

After exploring I started on my normal path through the food. Bread section, bagel section, meat section. I debated in the meat section about the possibility of buying steak now that I am an executive member. And I overheard a guy in a crisp (yes, you are right I had a crisp shirt on too!!) white oxford, khaki shorts (not wrinkled) and socks you could not see under stylish tennies talking in a great accent to the butcher and thought I need to remember to brush up on my accent now that I am an executive member. (It makes me giddy just to say it) Oh and I need to learn what the different cuts of meat are so I can use that accent on the butcher when I need more packages of steak in my cart.

I went leisurely down the other aisles refraining from the samples because I think I may be to good for samples now :)

Sadly, in the juice aisle (which I never went down when I was a plain Costco member) my phone rang. I was so impressed to see it was an unlisted number nothing but the mysterious for an Executive member. I answered it because Executive Members live on the edge. It was the school calling, Natalie's school, and Natalie did not get the memo that hearing tests and eye tests are not scary. She had freaked out when asked to put on the ear phones that they use for the hearing test. And in the course of freaking out had had an "accident." Then because she is an Executive member's child she refused to put on the red pants the nurse gave her to change into because they, "did not match her shirt." So I was needed at the school....pronto. So my leisurely trip to Costco was aborted and I reverted to the shortened version. Thus forgetting many items.

But at the checkout I am absolutely sure they treated me differently when they saw my executive member card. And it was so peaceful not having 4 Costco guys hovering around asking me if I would like to be an Executive member because....duh....I am one.

I sadly looked at the $1.50 hotdogs and did not purchase, a sign that I truly was ready for Executive membership. Now I can buy the chicken wrap thing instead.

When I got out to my car and lifted the trunk to load everything in and saw my little plaid picnic blanket that has "Costco" embroidered on it, laying in the back I smiled thinking fondly of the day I signed and recieved the thoughtful gift from my new best friends at Costco.
I actually read about Costco Executive Memberships and they truly are a great deal. I had yet to find an unhappy executive member in my reading on the internet. Yet another reason to have one....happiness is just an upgrade away :)


Scribbit said...

They're an even better deal if you can find someone to go halves with. My sister adn sister in law pitch in for the card then you have two families buying from the same card and twice the pay back. Sadly I'm by myself though at least the pay backs cover my fee.

Sarah Jones said...

Hey - I'm an executive member too -I never realized that I was so special! I don't even get to go in early now that I work. I have to fight the crowds on Saturday's like all the other normal Joe's out there.

I do enjoy my rebate check, but it is a little scary to look at it and realize that it is only 2% of what I spend at their store.

Jenn said...

Poor little Natalie! I am sure you'll be back, in your crisp white shirt, for another shopping spree. All hail Executive Member Jenn!! We're not worthy! We're not worthy! LOL :) Good for you!

Anne Marie said...

Oh, Jennifer, I love reading your blog. I am definitely feeling some envy after hearing about the priveleges of being an executive member.

Kelly Tillotson said...

john mccain buys his ribs at costco....he talks all about it on Rachel Ray monday morning! They commercial looked cute.
We actually have a BJ's card, which is not nearly as good as Costco.

My Many Coloured Days said...

They need to hire you as their advertising chairperson. You make me laugh out loud!