Sep 2, 2008

The mother of all calculators.

It is that time again. The time when we marvel and complain at how much our public education is costing us. Throughout the years I have been broken down to the point that I rarely flinch when the lists of needs start coming home from the schools. A notebook here, a red pencil there, some folders with brads and pockets, a $145.00 graphing calculator wait back up did you just read that? A calculator that costs what? Yep, $145.00. I know you are dying to know if I bought it. NO, I did not. I called the AP Calculus teacher and we had a most reasonable conversation. He was 100% accomodating and it is all worked out. But I am still in shock. And wondering how some people can afford that? I couldn't.

And while we are on the subject of shock the second most shocking purchase of the school year is "snacks" for the third graders room? I am all for snacks in Kindergarten but I have never heard of snacks for third grade in any mid western town I ever lived in. Is it just a New England thing? I was secretly hoping maybe third grade would be the last year but then my friend casually mentioned that she is buying snacks for her sons fifth grade class. When do we cut off the snack thing? Am I the only person who thinks a third grader does not need a snack?

I remember being at a friends house when we lived in Kansas right before school started and how she was just going through the house rounding up pencils, erasers, pens etc for her boys. I was fascinated with the thought. And I realized I could do the same thing. It did not say new anywhere did it? I know new supplies in brand new packages are pretty cool. But if they only used 2 of their 48 #2 pencils that they took last year why buy more?

Natalie has her first official "get on the bus all by herself" day of school tomorrow and let me tell you I think the fact that her backpack is loaded with supplies to give to her teacher is totally the only reason I will be able to get her successfully on the bus. Otherwise, I do not have any idea how I would get her out the door. So I guess this a good place to use the phrase "double edged sword".


Anne Marie said...

$145 for a calculator?!? Oh my goodness. Snacks for third grade??? That does sound really strange. In our school here, it sounds like most of the grades have a period of quiet work when they can eat a snack (but one they bring from home). None of my kids have felt the need to bring one ever. Hope Natalie's day goes okay tomorrow.

Kristy said...

Well, our sixth grade teacher requested "snacks for 30" on the donation list, along with "a new mini refrigerator." I guess that makes it more of a wish list, but the fridge, I think, would cost less than that calculator!