Sep 9, 2008

Pdf or word?

I absolutely hate it when someone asks me a question and I do not know how to intelligently answer. Especially when it is really important that I do know what the person is talking about.

I am in the process of getting a job. I am very "super dee duper" excited about it. But did you know that I can't be myself when I am applying for a job? I have the dearest friend in the world who helped me write a resume. She took time out of her very busy life and wrote two pages about me that do not sound like me. I had no idea that you could make staying at home for 18 years sound so amazing. There is nary a smiley face on the whole resume.

Then I have been having phone conversations with the guy who hires at the place I hope I get to work and oh, how I hate having to worry about what to say. I just want to be honest and tell him that I am a hard worker, I adore details, I absolutely need someone to tell me what to do everyday, I need to be able to ask questions for at least two weeks solid, and I really need feedback. And that in a nutshell is pretty much me, oh and mix in a small tendency to talk too much :)

Anyway, I have to tell you I had a nice little old e-mail from my dear friend with my resume attached and I was supposed to send it off to the company. Easy, right? Not really. The guy recieving my resume wrote back an ever so nice e-mail wondering if I could send the resume in "Word"? He acted like I should know what that means. WHAT? I am confused. I thought it was all words? So I call my hubby all in a panic. I have heard computer geeks use the word "Word" but I never could tell you for sure what it is. Let alone how to send it to someone. Through my conversation with my hubby I discovered that I had two e-mails one with a resume in "pdf" and one with a resume in "Word' that my computer would not open. I bet you already knew that I do not know what pdf is. Maybe it stands for "pretty darn fat?" Or "perfectly delicious file."

The worst part is I did not even know what words to use to write back to the very nice guy to let him know that my hubby would transfer it to "word" and e-mail it to him as soon as he gets to his hotel room somewhere on the East coast. I wanted to just tell him the truth. That I am "inept" and then put a big row of smiley faces after that. But that is another thing I have recently learned, you cannot use smiley face in business sad. :(

I am trying to act like I have confidence and not let on that I have been wearing sweats for the past 19 years but something like this is a huge blow to the old self esteem. I can see myself at work hiding in the bathroom using my cell phone to try to reach my hubby so he can tell me how to answer a question about "pdf" and "Word."


Kristy said...

I would be eversohappy to save your resume in Word format and even explain it to you, too, if you could just explain to me about canning. I just don't get it.

Anne Marie said...

Oh, Jennifer, I love reading your blog. I love your humor and honesty. Good luck with the job search!

Alyson said...

And if you can't reach Brian, call me from the bathroom, Jenn. And just think, in a year or so you'll know exactly what is meant by a whole host of technical terms and you will be expert at explaining them to others.

My Many Coloured Days said...

Hey, you have a cell phone... that's gotta be a first step right?