Sep 14, 2008

Primary Program bribery.

The current situation is Natalie the 6 year old. She has the most amazingly unreasonable fear of people looking at her that I have ever witnessed. It freaks her out to think of people looking at her. She talks about it and frets about it 24/7. Ever so slowly we are dealing with it.

Everyone who is Mormon knows that this is the Primary Program time of year. Today was our first practice in the chapel. I play the piano for the Primary (yes, in addition to Seminary and, every other month, playing of the the organ) so I needed to be present and focused. The minute Sacrament meeting was over Natalie dashed to the foyer where she took a firm, and very emotionally distraught stand, "she was not coming in to the practice." Oh Really? I did not have time for a tantrum so I just dragged her in with the preferred method of squeezing the arm and negotiated that she could sit on the back row and watch for this week only. But she must sit. HA.

So the child who is afraid of people looking at her is sitting on the back row of the chapel and all the kids and teachers in the program are on the stand doing what? Looking at Natalie. I think the highlight was when I look back and all I can see are her legs up in the air. She was all over the place. I noticed she had a nice conversation with a member of the stake presidency who was,by the way, looking at her while he talked to her. (and I desperately wonder what she told him) She had another nice conversation with two dear friends of mine Jacque and Jenn who I am pretty sure looked at her while they were talking to her.

So I was frustrated when church was finally over. On the way home I said out loud in the car to no one in particular that I wondered what I should do and mused, "how did I get the other kids to do the program?" Immediately voices all chimed in that I had paid them. Who me? What a great idea. So I looked at Natalie and said,

"If I give you $2.00 will you sit on the stand and do your part?" ( Knowing full well that Natalie, just spent her only $2.00 on a garage sale yesterday and now understands the value of money and knows all about the power rush that comes from spending it)

She said, "Can I sit by Sister Maleko?" (her amazingly fabulous teacher)

I said, (knowing that she is for sure indeed sitting by Sister M) "Absolutely."

And that my friends is how it is done. So we will have to see in 2 weeks if it really happens :)


Anne Marie said...

I am a parent who's not afraid to use bribery once in a while. Hope it works. My oldest has also been "afraid of being seen" at the first time we're at church here in Texas, and he crawled on the ground to enter the Primary room (so no one would see him coming in for the first time). I think he had no idea how much more conspicuous he made himself.

Jenn said...

Bribery, hmmm, love it! I think I will try it with my girls who are not doing any speaking parts because they are chicken. LOL. I think my oldest, 8yo, will be heavily bribed next year!

Kristy said...

Nice! I am very impressed. Whatever works, I say. :)

Kay said...

It is not technically a "bribe." A bribe is payment for illegal activity. It is a reward. Minor difference, but what ever works.

another day in the life of... said...

I wonder if the same would work for my 9 yr. old who stares everyone down with the look of death. you know what i mean, you've seen it!