Sep 2, 2008

Seaweed and Sand for Labor Day.

Yesterday was a holiday. A holiday that the Baird's rarely do anything except.....labor. You know yard work, house work etc. But thanks to our fabulous friends we now have a great new tradition. (Yes, hubby dear we are doing it every year forever and ever from now on.)

Yesterday we got up at 5:30am and hurried and scurried to get our 6 kids plus 3 friends of theirs out the door to meet our friends to caravan to Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island. It was a beautiful day. We arrived at about 9:30am and the beach was still fairly empty. We unloaded 4 car loads worth of stuff and found a spot big enough for all of us and stayed until about 2:30pm. When we reluctantly had to face our real lives.

When we first got there the lifeguards were not letting anyone in the water due to sighting of a large, unidentified, swimming something. But that gave us enough time to get everything settled, walk a little, and play in the sand.

It had been a long time since I had actually played in the water at the beach. I usually have a lot of excuses why I cannot expose the world to my swimsuit body but in my last few trips to the beach I have noticed that there are a whole lot of bodies just like mine and even a few that are worse and most of them seem supremely happy wearing bikinis. So I figured nobody would be looking at my very white, been through 7 pregnancies, body in a plain old one piece. And all my excuses for sitting on the beach are honestly gone. I had no kids I had to watch, it was not cold and all my friends were doing it :) One negative about the getting in the water thing was that there was a ton of seaweed. Which I absolutely and positively hate. But I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I have grown up enough to still enjoy myself and stay in the water despite the seaweed and it's very annoying ways. I guess if I were to google seaweed I would come to find out that it is absolutely imperative to the ocean that seaweed is present but nonetheless I wish it was not there. The waves were fun to play in. I found myself thinking of their amazing power as I was tumbled about and was constantly finding my hair being pushed into some pretty creative "do's." Probably what made being in the water the most fun was having oh so many friends out in the water with me. It is no fun to swallow large amounts of salt water without friends to share the moment with you.

And speaking of water at Misquamicut, the jellyfish that have been all over in the water on all our past visits were gone. Earlier in the summer I had ended up "googling" Misquamicut and the word jellyfish and found out that a lot of other people were also wondering about all the jellyfish. It was really just one "of those years" for jellyfish.

As the day progressed the beach definitely became more crowded. It still amazes me that you do not notice it until you look up out of your own little spot of sand and realize there are people everwhere and I mean everywhere. It is so many people that you wonder why we all stick around. Most places when you see a ton of people it will discourage you and cause you to head home but everyone seems to accept that that is just the way it is with the beach. It strangely never feels crowded to me. And besides watching people is more than half the fun.

We all brought food to share and it was ever so fun to sit around and talk and soak up the sun. And I am making sure that everyone commits to being there at the exact same time and place next year :)

Of course there is a price to pay I have a stack of towels to wash as high as Mt Everest. And there is sand everywhere despite all my best efforts. And we are all sun burned because I am a horrible mom when it comes to sunscreen. But it was all worth it.


Kristy said...

Sounds positively wonderful! I'm so glad your family has a new tradition. Good for you for donning the dreaded suit!

Anne Marie said...

That sounds like an absolutely wonderful day. So glad you got in the water and enjoyed it. A perfect tradition in my mind.

another day in the life of... said...

we are so there. it is now our tradition as well, but ssshhh, don't say the word tradition to Andy or he'll freak. tradition = obligation = stress! it was really the perfect day!