Sep 27, 2008

Some pictures I have been meaning to post.

Here is Amanda and her friend Emily at their cross country meet last week. Madeline would not let me photograph her. I even tried various "paparrazzi" methods to catch her and no luck. But hopefully in the upcoming meets I can manage to surprise her and get her picture.
When we talked about the plan of salvation in seminary I got this idea from the manual and stretched a string across the room and attached all the parts of the plan to paper clips and then hung them on the string as we talked about them. And guess who could not resist it? That darn cat.....Kittromney. One day I came downstairs to get ready for Seminary and "mortal life" was laying on the floor. I cussed in my mind about the short "mortal life" of that cat as I picked it up and put it back on the string. Then she left the plan alone for a few weeks. Then about 2 days ago I came downstairs and she had been yet again climbing the toy shelves trying to snag the parts of the plan of salvation that dangle so temptingly in the air. This time the whole string was sagging and the premortal existence and the spirit body were on the floor. And she had even knocked the box of Barbies on the floor. The seminary kids enjoyed saying that Kittromney had destroyed the Plan of Salvation. I just gave up on my wish to keep it up all year and took it all down.

This was a picture from one of those glorious summer trips to New York City. This was on the Staten Island Ferry. Do you see the pain in Amanda's face? I was trying to convince her that all was right in the universe.

This is a picture I took of my sister Rachel when we were in Boston one day.

This is a bad habit that I have. Sweeping the floor and then leaving the pile. In Indiana we had a central vac system in our house so this little, very attractive pile rarely happened. But in all my other houses it has and guess what? I know exactly why. Lame dustpans that do not pick up everything. So rather than leave that little thin line of stuff that refuses to go in the dustpan I just do what definitely makes more sense and leave the whole pile.

Here is a picture of the living room from last February when it was amazingly clean. When I was scrolling through pictures and saw how clean it was I was awe struck. No, I still do not have curtains or paint. But I dream of both things happening daily. It is awfully hard to chose paint for a room with couches you know you are not going to have forever.....actually the word hate would fit nicely in the same sentence as the couches :)

Here is Miriam and Joe at the beach on Labor Day. I just loved this picture of them. They really are the best of friends. Like two peas in a pod. They have run away together. Tormented Amanda together. And de-pantsed ( how on earth would I spell that?) each other more times than I can count.....touching huh?


Anne Marie said...

Enjoyed all the pictures. I especially love that one of Miriam and Joe at the bottom. Their expressions are priceless. Hope you can finally get a picture of the elusive Madeline at the next cross-country meet.

another day in the life of... said...

I will be happy to be the paparazzi for you at one of Madeline's meets. Actually I usually see her and Amanda running at Stanley Park on Tuesday afternoons. I guess they are at CC practice and I take Benson for soccer. It could work out nicely and she'd never suspect a thing! (insert evil laugh)
Great Pics!

Jenn said...

I laughed right out loud at the Kittromney and the plan of salvation stories. I have seen that darn cat up on that shelf acting all innocent and stuff. Great pictures! ;)

Roger said...

Hey is that a foil-wrapped chocolate Easter egg in the dust pile? (It's still good.)