Sep 5, 2008

What to do?

The dilemma of the day is that in the multitudes of papers coming home I find one that I do not recognize and have to actually read it before I sign it. It is from Tatiana's teacher and she wants me to commit to spending 30 minutes a day doing homework one on one with her. Oh drat. Don't get me wrong I would be so thrilled if that could happen. But how do I explain my life to her?

Dear Mrs G,

I always wanted to be a mom. I never picked a certain number of kids that I knew I was for sure, without a doubt, going to have I just played it by ear. To make a long story short I had 7 of them. I probably should have thought a little more carefully about how that would work out when it came to helping with homework but I didn't.

So now I am faced with figuring out how to tell you that I really want to support you but I can't promise that I can find 30 minutes a day to spend one on one with Tatiana. Sigh......I wish I could. I wish all 7 of them could have 30 minutes a day with me alone. Alone does not really happen at our house.

If it would help the situation I could tell you that Tatiana is a very good student and always comes right home, sits down, and does her homework independently. I am almost always in the kitchen while she is working in case she needs something.

Right when she gets home I have to take her brother to do his paper route. Then someone will always have soccer, piano or cross country depending on the day. On Wednesday's we have activities at our church from 6:30-9:00pm including travel time. My husband is often out of town. Some nights we have other meetings. Some nights we have to watch the Republican National Convention. I have to spend way to much time fixing meals, cleaning the house and working on a 45 minute lesson that I present every morning at 5:45 am to 6 teenagers. Some nights I have bookclub. Some nights I have to go see Mama Mia at the movie theater. Some nights I do this crazy thing called canning. And that is when I stay up all night making a huge mess of my kitchen so that we can have fruit in the winter.

I do not want to be a whiner and I know most people do not have to make choices like this in their lives. Hopefully because she is able to do most things without me that does not mean I have ruined her. Being number six of seven kids has caused her to be awfully independent and self motivated. Lest you feel the need to report me to SRS. I wanted to let you know I do ask her how her day was and I can totally commit to faithfully asking her every single day if she has homework. And if you really need me to commit to a time to do homework with her one on one and sign your contract I think I have time at 1:00 am would that be okay?

Ever so sincerely,


My Many Coloured Days said...

You are amazing. Mr. Man and I were just considering what to put in our letter to our 2nd grader's teacher about the ridiculous homework. You are (at least) one step ahead... let me know if you get a response.

A friend of mine whose Mom had 10 children used to write the teachers and inform them that her children were theirs from 9am-3pm (or so) and then hers from then on out and they should learn to teach what they wanted taught during those hours and her children would not do any homework until 6th grade! Pretty bold, but understandable... they only have so many daylight hours to play, practice and possibly to a chore or too!

Anne Marie said...

I love this letter. I can't believe they're asking for 30 minutes of one-on-one time. Maybe if you had only one kid, that would be a great idea.

Kate said...

Oh, I am so with ya sister!

Kelleen said...

You are so funny. I totally want to borrow that letter. What is up with expecting that kind of time? I really wonder why they can't get the job done in the almost 7 hrs. they are in school - especially during those early years. I'm with you too sister!

Camie said...

Send it! Send it! Send it!! That's what I vote. And I think being in the kitchen or the nearby vicinity while she does her homework is perfect.

Kelly Tillotson said...

you're a pretty funny gal! i always enjoy reading your entries! :)

Kristy said...

Good luck with that one! I'm sure she will be just fine without 30 minutes of homework every day. Please! She's so little!