Oct 22, 2008

Brian's List.

I know it is sad but the truth is I am not sure if Brian and I will communicate before I leave for Georgia tomorrow morning. He is New York City all day today and he has to be at the church tonight with all the kids for youth activities. The truth is I know he checks my blog everyday so I am going to leave his "list" of things to remember and do while I am gone here for the whole world to see :) Now you will all know how pampered the Baird children are and what a nag I am.

Yes, he gets a list everytime I leave to go somewhere for more than a day. Yes, I have my doubts as to whether he reads it but it makes me feel better so I do it anyway. I mean there are a lot of little things to know about running this house that happen to be very helpful.....

Things Like:

#1. Make sure Madeline does not leave the house without signing something that states what time she will be home and what her punishment of choice will be if she is not home by that time.

#2. Make sure when you come upstairs from teaching Seminary for me that you make sure you hear that Joe in the shower.

#3. Make sure Joe gets his lunch packed. The fruit leathers are hidden in the roaster on the shelf in the white cupboard and now that everyone in the world knows that re-hide them or they will eat them all.

#4. Wake up Tatiana and Natalie at 7:45. Their bus comes at about 8:35. Be prepared to deal with them doing everything they can to annoy each other until the minute they get on the bus. It is not for the faint of heart to get these two out of the house. Dance when they leave :)

#5. Natalie gets water in her lunch in the water bottle with the pink top and in the outside pocket of her backpack I put one juice box for her snack at school. The juice boxes are in the cupboard above the phone. They are only for school. And only for Natalie :) Other people may try to tell you otherwise do not fall for it. Just pack a small lunch for Natalie she never eats it anyway.

#6. Make sure Natalie is dressed warm and that her outfit has a plain color top or bottom and then whichever is chosen to be plain the other could be a pattern :) Father of the Year does not dress his kids in 2 patterns.

#7. Madeline has the ACT on Saturday morning.

#8. Amanda has an away cross country meet on Saturday so make sure you know where she needs to be and get the cell phone to her so she can call you when she gets back since Madeline will not be with her.

And she probably has to have a treat for her " secret cross country buddy" even though her "secret cross country buddy" has never given her anything we should not let that deter us from frantically scrambling every single meet for something for her secret buddy....but I am not bitter :)

#9. Since Madeline and Amanda will be gone on Saturday morning make sure Miriam is around so you have a babysitter for the little girls.

#10. Make sure Joe bills his paper route customers on Friday. He often forgets. The bills are in the envelope box on the counter. Make sure he records his payments in his book and divides all his money up. And he needs to pay the newspaper on Saturday too.

#11. Friday night is the Trunk or Treat at the church. Make sure you take the big bag with the tortilla chips and salsa in it sitting on my blue IKEA chair and give the bag to an "in charge" looking Relief Society person when you get there.

#11A. Don't forget the trunk or treat candy (Also, on the blue IKEA chair in the Target bag). And remember someone has to stand by the car and actually hand out the candy :) remember to assign older girls to take little girls around to get their candy.

#12. Make sure the little girls get their costumes on and make sure Tatiana gets whiskers painted on her little face use Madeline's eyeliner :) Tatiana is stressed about it not coming off so reassure her it does. Remember Natalie is a dalmation and Tatiana is a cat.

#13. Make sure they take their sleepover bags to the Trunk or Treat. Oh wait, if they are sleeping over you actually do not need a baby sitter on Saturday....lucky Miriam and lucky you!

#14. Have them pack their stuff and then double check Natalie's bag for important items like clothes, toothbrush, pajamas, lots of underwear and her big blanket my mom made her. Limit them to ONE toy to take. BE STRONG.

#15. Food wise, remember that there are potatoes in the basement, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, cans of soup, applesauce and lots of chicken in the freezer. When all else fails there is Top ramen.

#16. On Saturday have Amanda clean all the bathrooms, Joe and Miriam rake all the leaves to the garden spot, Madeline do all the dishes and have Tatiana and Natalie pick up the basement and their room.

#17. Remember to get Tatiana and Natalie back sometime from their friends on Saturday it is possible to forget them :)

#18. The gum for church is on your dresser.

#19 Make sure to check back packs for papers and pile everything on the counter by the phone. And put Natalie's white school folder right back into her backpack she will freak if she gets to school without it. (Love how the school scares them to death about leaving those lovely folders unsigned and at home.)

#20 Remember Madeline and Amanda will fight about the straightener in the morning and make sure they get it out of the bathroom before you take your shower or you will have immense trauma.


#21. Pick up the Beetle Bug liscence plates from the towing place. (yes, it was totaled and State Farm is now the proud owners of a smashed 1999 Beetle bug.)

#22. Don't forget garbage day.

#23. Someone should change the cats litter since I am the only one who ever does it....but I am not bitter:)

#24. Remember that you have press the drain and rinse button on the washing machine after every cycle finishes or the clothes will take 6 years to dry in the dryer. Assuming you will be doing laundry :)

Okay, I know there is more but I think this is the major stuff. Oh how I LOVE lists :) When Brian and I went to Yellowstone when Zach was about 10 months old I left his mom with 4 long written out pages of instructions. None of them were followed but guess what? He survived. But that does not mean you are off the hook darling husband :)


Kristy said...

I am now officially exhausted. How do you do it, my friend?

I will miss you. Come back soon.

Topher said...

Brian, dude, you're.. well, good luck with that. I like how she made the list in Christmas colors as a distraction. It almost makes it looks like she's given you a gift that keeps on giving, like 24 times.

Jocelyn said...

I'm loving #6, oh the joys of too much pattern... namely the 80's!