Oct 20, 2008

Don't tell me it never has happened to you :)

Well here I am sitting here staring a my blank blogging rectangle. I have been painfully aware of each day that passes without me getting to blog. And now here I am with the computer all to myself and I am freezing up. I have nothing to blog about. I could make a half hearted attempt but you would see right through it.

I even ran this morning to the driver's license place to switch my license from Indiana to Massachusetts and thought for sure I would have some hateful experience to tell you about. But I walked in and took my number. Waited 3 minutes. Read the letters in the eye thing and paid them the gross amount of $90.00 and was on my way.

I could blog about our Pumpkin patch excursion on Saturday. I do love the pumpkin patch and I without a doubt have very high expectations of them..... they must have pumpkins, still on the vine, out in the actual patch, and it makes me ever so happy if they are not trying to sell me any other things along with my pumpkins. I came very close to finding that at Fletcher's Pumpkin Patch in Easthampton. Nine Pumpkins for $20.00, pigs, goats and cows for the kids to pet and in 45 minutes we were on our way.

I could blog about my hot, black, Pontiac Grand Prix rental car. But that's no fun because it is not even mine. Although I do feel a little famous when I drive it. And when you crank your favorite Sara Barielles CD and drive fast through blowing leaves you feel like a 16 year old boy:)

I could blog about Zach's 19th birthday which is today. And how all he asked for was steel cut oats and copies of genealogy for his gifts. Then I could compare that birthday list to my darling Madeline's birthday list. But Madeline reads the blog so I guess I will refrain.

I could blog about how the CES guy over Seminary is coming to my house at 5;45am tomorrow morning to visit and how I should be working on my lesson so I can impress him...... Actually that just caught my attention I really should be doing that :)

So hopefully while I am cleaning the house and studying the scriptures I will get that blogging "ah ha moment" and be able to entertain you.

Miriam and her best friend Nichole at the Pumpkin Patch. Now just multiply this picture of some trees by my house by a trillion and add in red,yellow,pink and brown in every shade possible and you have the reason why all the roads are crowded with "leaf peepers."


Anne Marie said...

Those trees look positively beautiful. Nine pumpkins for 20 bucks! Woohoo! At the pumpkin patch last week in PA, we paid 20 dollars for my niece's pumpkin...20 dollars for 1 pumpkin. I couldn't believe it. 3 minutes at the driver's license place...that's gotta be a record. And, yes, I've been there too...the blogging blank. In fact, I'm there right now.

Jocelyn said...

Don't you just love that $90 fee, why does it cost that much anyway???? I've had to do it 2 now! seriously it's a pin . loving the beautiful trees so fun!