Oct 14, 2008

Driving to Amherst goes awry.

I saw the orange merge sign and the police car with it's lights on and I merged and so did the 7 ton semi behind me he just forgot the minor detail of the slowing down part. What a bummer. With the friendly push from the semi I was able to share the love with the pick up truck in front of me but his truck was not damaged. The only sad parts were that:

  • #1 I had just filled the Beetle full to the tippy top with gas.

  • #2.My last claw clip that I was guarding with my life from the cat and my teenagers was in my hair and after the accident all that was left were all the pieces of my claw clip stuck in my hair.

  • #3.I felt very sad for the trucker who hit me because he participated in another accident this week already and he will probably lose his job since he received a ticket today for failing to stop responsibly....I'll say.

So now we are figuring out how a spoiled 3 car family becomes a loving, sharing 2 car family that has smiling teenagers that glory in the opportunities that taking a yellow school bus can provide. I told them I took the school bus every day until I graduated from high school and I am not scarred.

Tonight we saw the opportunity the accident provided us with to actually have family home evening (yes, I know it's Tuesday) and we piled everyone in the car and we drove to the towing place to get everything out of the very totaled Beetle. Which we will all miss terribly. The kids sang along to a rap song on the radio at the top of their lungs on the drive over and decided that was our opening song for our "field trip FHE." Then when we pulled into the tow yard the kids burst out of the van and ran to the Beetle. I am very sure that the guys at the tow place are blogging the best blogs of their careers at this very moment about us. There were flashes going off everywhere as the kids all worked the scene taking pictures of themselves with the car, around the car and even on the car. Why did I buy them all cameras?

Finally, we topped off the evening with a FAMILY TRIP to Costco (do not try this at home only trained professionals can handle this situation :) to purchase Eggo's, milk, bread and refreshments. Truthfully, they embarrass me. Tonight they decided to walk in a perfect straight line behind me all through Costco acting like baby ducks following their mom....yes, even the almost 18 year old participated. They lined up in order of height and quacked and followed me....all through Costco. Yes, there was staring, comments, and laughter but I do noy want to be reminded. Oh and where was Brian? In the book section.

So now the Baird family has to find a new car. My only requirement is that it has to be a stick shift.


Melissa said...

A family trip to Costco scares me more than a car wreck! Glad you are okay- sorry about the car. It was so cute....

DeAnn said...

Did anyone take their camera into Costco with you? The baby ducks would definitely provide for a fabulous picture. And I can soo see Brian in the books. Bummer about the Beetle. I am so glad that you are okay.

Jenny said...

Oh no! That wreck did NOT just happen after your vomit day. What a week? You get to go on vacation this weekend, right?

Topher said...

1. Glad you're ok.
2. I certainly hope you were wearing a fresh pair of underpants. Surely your mother taught you that early in life for times like these.
3. Your description of your Costco trip reminds me of a 21st century version of Sr. Maria taking the VonTrap kids on an outing.

Anne Marie said...

So glad you're okay. What a pain!!! Good luck finding a new car. I love your description of your outing to Costco. I also feel like quite a spectacle in public when I'm ambitious enough to appear with everyone.

My Many Coloured Days said...

Oh how I wish I had happened upon the Baird family at costco!!!!

Best of luck with the vehicle hunt. Hope your hair will survive the crash.

Alyson said...

I'm sending you some new claw clips. What size do you prefer?