Oct 16, 2008

Fourteen More Sewing Days :)

I used to make them. I have managed to con others into helping me make them. I have a pattern collection of them that would make you think I can just make them in my sleep. The last couple of years I confess to buying them from Wal Mart. I have never made one that everyone who saw it still talks about the "amazingness" of it. And be assured that I will ask to borrow one of yours if I ever see it and am sure it will fit one of the Baird's :)

Halloween costumes! It is that time again. Another time of year that I want to come through for the kids and rarely do.We always have grand intentions and good ideas and they never turn out the way we planned. One year Miriam had a Wizard of Oz theme party to attend and desperately wanted to be Dorthy. I bought the pattern and all the stuff and began with high hopes but I forgot that it takes me 6 months to understand a pattern and I ended up begging a dear friend to dig me out of my mess. After all our work Miriam ended up being too self conscious to wear it and I was very unhappy about that.

Throughout the years I have spent endless hours on the Family Fun website with my children sitting next to me while I point out cute costume after cute costume to them begging them to choose one. But they never choose what I think is cute.

I am in the phase of my life that I am now just dejectedly telling kids to look in the dress up box for their Halloween costume. I am not asking them what their little hearts desire to be. Those days are long gone....I think they are gone....I hope they are gone. You see I actually tell them to look in the dress up box every year and then I get that small thought that creeps into my mind that maybe I could really do it this year. I could make the perfect costume. The costume the "fam" talks about for years to come, "Remember when mom spent three weeks on her hands and knees with no sleep gluing that one costume?" It may affect who they marry. It may affect if they go the college. So many things are riding on one costume.

I have to do a lot of convincing when it comes to Halloween at our house. There is no convincing when it comes to Christmas or birthdays. But Halloween takes the Baird kids way out of their comfort zone. Oh, do not get me wrong candy is definitely in their comfort zone it is the dressing up thing and the people looking at them thing. I remember practicing trick or treating with little Zach to try to show him how fun it was and oh how he hated it. I remember dragging him to the trunk or treat in the Princeton ward building where there were so many people he was crying from the overwhelmingness of it all. All because I wanted him to have this experience and see how fun it was? Getting candy is fun....do you hear me?

I dream of a Halloween where the Baird kids finally realize that no one is looking at them. A Halloween where they could care less what they are wearing they just realize it is about the candy. But to have that kind of Halloween they would have had to sadly have a different mother.

YES, I do wonder every year why am I convincing them to do this when it is just about candy anyway? But do not ask me such hard questions. Maybe it is because I love the trick or treating thing, not to be confused with the aforementioned loving the dressing up thing. I love running through the dark in the cold with them from house to house and seeing all the fun lit up decorations. Yes, the inevitable costume malfunctions are a pain. Yes, some years, keeping warm and dry are a pain but I still love it. They usually have to beg me to take them home and I will say, "just one more block." Brian gave up years ago and never comes because of my issues:)

The hardest part is deciding what to be. They never want to commit and for the life of me I do not know why. Could it be hereditary?


Anne Marie said...

I LOVE Halloween. But, I'm afraid I have never sewn a costume in my life. Hopefully, my children will not be speaking of it in 20 years with their therapist...how their mom just took them to Target each year to look for the cheapest costume they were willing to wear.

Kristy said...

I am a very bad mom. I have never made a costume; however, I am a fan of www.buycostumes.com or www.disney.com, especially after Halloween when they are on major clearance!

another day in the life of... said...

How about we ditch the kids this year and just the Mom's go. We could go dressed up as our kids. It really could be fun!?

Camie said...

I'm with you--I LOVE Halloween!! But when I was younger I could never decide on what to be and I would think and think about it then in the end choose something lame. But I still like the holiday!