Oct 10, 2008

Being Greedy.

It is the apple time of year again and for the first time in 19 years I had to go to the orchard....gasp.... by myself. No kids to direct which apples we pick and which ones we don't. Nobody having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the orchard. Just me....by myself. Strange that I never thought about that happening.

Did I mention yet that it is Fall in New England and that it is beautiful? Everyday I wake up and think that surely the colors cannot get any better than this and then I wake up the next morning and it has gotten better. The drive to Granby, Connecticut to Lost Acres Orchard is 30 minutes and it is very pretty drive. So I have no problem motivating myself to go.

I always ask for "seconds" or "drops" when I am doing applesauce. So when I got there Ginny told me to take whatever was on the ground for $10.00 a bushel. The apples on the ground were still really good apples and I could not stop collecting them I felt so greedy. So my greed got me 3 bushels of apples for applesauce. That should keep me busy today and probably into tomorrow.

So instead of reading blogs and commenting, reading Memoirs of a Geisha for bookclub, cleaning the bathtubs, getting ready for Tatiana's birthday on Sunday, working on Seminary and getting Zach's birthday box ready and to BYU by the 20th I am making applesauce for the next 2 days which is okay because we were completely out and things were getting desperate it got so bad that I had even been talked into buying individually packaged NAMEBRAND applesauce which means a hostile takeover by the children is only another "cave in" away. :)


Anne Marie said...

Hope the applesauce making has gone well. The apples look wonderful. The northeast is so beautiful during the fall. October is my favoritest month of the year back there.

Anne Marie said...
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Kristy said...

Good for you! I'll bet your applesauce is delish. How 'bout some pictures of those fall colors, too? :) Yes, I'm greedy that way.

Kelly Tillotson said...

i have a spotlight sheet for tatiana...i'll drop it off tomorrow sometime if thats okay....if youre not home is it okay if i leave it in your mailbox?