Oct 21, 2008

Looking Forward.

Once a long time ago through some twist of fate my sisters and my mom and I all ended up in Georgia at my sister Sarah's house. It was November and it was a sweet girl's weekend. We thrift store shopped. We went to Crate and Barrel. We used all of Aunt Sarah's beads to make bracelets. We oohed and ahhed at Aunt Sarah's perfectly decorated home and ate lots of yummy food.

I have no idea how it has happened but all the planets have aligned perfectly again and early Thursday morning I am flying to Atlanta to hang out for the weekend with my sister's from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia and my parents from Oregon. No, I did not forget that I have brothers. They live in Utah and Colorado and we love them dearly but it is a, "girls + one retired Dad" weekend. Several years ago for my Mom's big 60th birthday we were all together again just like when we were kids, just the 6 of us kids with no spouses and none of our kids and that was fun. (wait, maybe Valerie was there?) I wish we could do it again but alas this time it is girls and Dad.

I am really looking forward to it. I love to be in airports and people watch, I love to fly, I love to thrift store shop with my sisters, and I love it when Aunt Sarah does the cooking :)

I am hoping this fun trip will restart my creative blogging juices as I have been plumb out of ideas.

I am also hoping the books I ordered from a distant MA library miraculously appear in my local library before I leave. What on earth will I read on the airplane if my books do not show up :)

I am also hoping I have everyone's Halloween costumes ready so Brian can get them to the Trunk or Treat at the church on Friday without any glitches.

I am also hoping that I remember to chant to myself over and over on the way home from the airport on Sunday night, "Men and women clean differently" so that I am not discouraged when I get home.

I am hoping seeing my skinny sisters will motivate me to keep exercising.

I am hoping I can steal a Halloween costume for Joe from Aunt Sarah the master seamstress and "good mom" who always sews amazing costumes.

I will be back on Monday so don't forget me.


Brianne said...

Have fun...it sounds like a fun vacation. It's always fun to get together with family.

Anne Marie said...

Sounds wonderful. Have a great time. Looking forward to your return.

Melissa said...

Have a wonderful trip- sounds heavenly!