Oct 29, 2008

Oh my Goodness.

Okay, this will be the fastest blog in history....I am all about setting records :)

I got back from Atlanta and had a job interview at Lost Acres Orchard in Granby and I got the job and already had my first day of work....whew.

All summer when I was buying my fruit from Ginny at Lost Acres I kept desperately wanting to work there so I took a chance and mentioned to her that I would love to work for her and she took me up on it. So many fun things to learn. She has a catering business plus all her orchards.

So yesterday I spent the day in her kitchen cooking 6 loaves of Pumpkin Raisin bread, a huge pot of Acorn Butternut Squash soup, and 2 batches of Gingersnaps. I helped clean and package and all sorts of other things. It really is the perfect job for me. Everyday from 9-2 for $12.00 an hour. The drive to her place is beautiful and I am learning all sorts of things. Come Thanksgiving she always does at least 300 Pies and at Christmas she does tons of cookies everyday. I am really looking forward to mastering all these kitchen skills.

The sad part is time to blog is gone. I will try to update when I can but I had to grow up and prioritize :) And now that I only have a teeny bit of time to work on my seminary lesson and such I have to give up some things. I am hoping in a week I will have a good handle on everything and not have to give it up. So stay tuned to see if I can continue with my reputation of being able to fit it all in :)

Atlanta was so fun. I am hoping to blog about that soon. What could be better than getting to see a 450 lb, 9 foot long, Sting Ray swimming in a HUGE tank with 4 whale sharks and numerous other HUGE sea things at the Atlanta Aquarium, and going thrift store shopping with all your sisters and mom all in the same weekend?

And many, many thanks to those of you who got Brian's e-mail about my birthday and took the time to write me a letter for my big 4-0 on Thursday. He put all 50 of the letters together in a book and organized it by where I had lived. I got letters from friends from Snohomish high school, my favorite choir director, people from Kansas, people from Indiana, all my family, and even Kittromney wrote to me :) It meant a lot to me since the last couple of years have been very tough. I have spent alot of time wondering how and if I had impacted anyone's life. I massively appreciate all of you who took the time to do that for me. If I ever get a request like that to write a letter for someone I will never not take the opportunity to let someone know how I remember them and how they touched my life :) And you will all get a personal thank you too. But I wanted you to know how fun that was.

So hang in there and do not give up on me :)


Anonymous said...

That job sounds AWESOME and perfect for you!!! I am so happy that you got it. I can picture you doing that way better than I could picture you behind some desk somewhere. And I will gladly take a now-and-then blog post over daily blog posts because I have every confidence that you will be able to "fit it all in" in just the perfect way.


Camie said...

congratulations on your job! It sounds like a wonderful place to work! I love orchards, and I especially love all the yummy stuff they can create. And you are perfect for there. I'll miss your more frequent posts, but I'll be happy when you do get a chance to update us.

ps--better check my blog when you get a chance!

Anne Marie said...

Congrats on the job! It really sounds like a perfect place for you (and I would love to work there too). You will be busy, and I will miss you, but we totally understand if blogging has to go on the back burner for a little while. Happy Birthday!!!

Alyson said...

I was routing for the Borders job. Dang. But I guess this other job will do.

How come you got your birthday present before your birthday?

My Many Coloured Days said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new job! You will be wonderful I am sure. Take time to breathe when you can :)