Oct 7, 2008

Something is missing.

It is that time of year again. Frost warning for tonight. It is getting hard to get up out of the warm blankets in the morning. I am even feeling a small desire to sleep in my clothes so as to avoid the cold in the morning. Especially since I get up at 4 and put on church clothes.
These are the days that I start to long with all my heart and soul for a fireplace. How can you live in New England and not have a fireplace? The poor fireplace is always the thing that gets crossed off the "things I must have or I am going to die list" when we begin house shopping. Other really boring things like bedrooms and bathrooms end up taking precedence over my need for a crackling fire, with the perfect rug laying in front of it, me sitting in an equally perfect chair wearing clothes with Lands End tags in them and my huge St Bernard laying on my perfect rug. ( the St Bernard cleans up it's own messes and never sheds and loves me unconditionally)

When we looked at this house the builders were VERY proud of the gas fireplace they had put in. It was often on when we came to look at the house and they loved to tell us about all the features of this fireplace. I was mildly interested in the gas fireplace I figured it would do in a pinch. If I could find a candle that smelled like campfire that I could burn while enjoying the warmth from my gas fireplace, maybe just maybe, it would be okay.

Well we moved here on December 6 last year and it was cold....very cold. It took us several days to figure out the thermostat thing, the movers left every single door open for hours letting cold air pour in and our clothes dryer needed a special hook up so we used the gas fireplace very frequently to keep ourselves warm and dry our clothes :)

After we got all our furniture here and in the house I quickly realized how valuable the wall that this gas fireplace was occupying was. I started to think small hateful thoughts about it and then in January our first gas bill arrived and I knew exactly who to blame when the bill was $800.00. And thus "small hateful thoughts" became "enormous hateful thoughts." I no longer talked about the gas fireplace behind it's back so as to not let it hear I talked hate right in front of it.

The pilot light on the fireplace has long since been extinguished never to be lit again. And I have this decorating dilemma. What to put on top of the gas fireplace that is so in the way? My fashion saavy friend Mindy suggested pictures and I think that is a very good idea but I have a feeling it involves picture frames, choosing pictures and possibly blowing pictures up and it could get messy. A very nice lady brought me some hydrangeas from her garden and I put them in a vase on the top of the gas fireplace and it did look super nice. But they were real flowers and they died.

I sometimes secretly wonder what the chances would be that we could put a real fireplace there instead but mentioning that would open numerous cans of worms so I think I will keep that wonder to myself.....oops I just blogged about it :)


Alyson said...

Maybe you could list it on craigslist as free to anyone who will come and rip it out and haul it away.

Brianne said...

I wish we could all take a test run of our house before we actually bought it...say a month or so! That's the only way to find out the real problems with a house. Like in our house, we have a light fixture in the living room, but there is no light switch to turn it on! Good luck staying warm...we are freezing in our house too, but I refuse to turn the heat on when it's only October 8th!

Kristy said...

I would try and sell it on Craigslist, then buy yourself a fireplace. Would that work?