Oct 14, 2008

The "Throw up Bucket."

Do you have a "throw up bucket?" Well we did, but after this weekend it is now plural "throw up buckets", five to be exact. I hate that once you throw up in a bowl even though you run it through the dishwasher at least 6 times the thought is still there and no one will use it for anything else. I remember once having to use the blue IKEA bowl for taking dinner to someone and the kids were aghast that I was using the "throw up bucket" to take food to someone. I used to only have one such "bucket" but the Baird family had a first this weekend 5 people throwing up at the same time. Definitely something to blog about.

It started on Sunday, Tatiana's birthday. And Tatiana was the first one to get it. Luckily Tatiana has some super sense and the minute she feels sick she starts to cry and carries the "bucket" with her everywhere. Even if she never throws up she wants to be safe. Years ago on our way to West Virginia Miriam and Tatiana were sitting in the car next to each other and Miriam had a "throw up incident" and it traumatized Tatiana for life I fear. I mean if you include "please, help me to not get thrown up on" in your prayers that definitely means you have experienced trauma.

It is very interesting to me how we all deal with being sick and our pain differently. Tatiana cries and cries and cries about how she is "going to die" when she is sick. I finally got her settled at about 11pm and at about 1am I hear footsteps and Joe appears. He has thrown up. He had enough time to debate about carpet or bed and chose carpet......very thoughtful was not what I was thinking as I was cleaning it up. I casually mentioned some other choices to consider in the future....trash can, and bathroom were mentioned and the ease of folding up blankets on a bed and putting them in the wash was possibly mentioned also.

I just got Joe's mess cleaned up and found a suitable bowl for him and got back to sleep and Natalie started. Luckily Natalie and Tatiana and I were having a sleepover in the basement so the bucket and me were right there and ready. Our fun sleepover will forever be affectionately referred to as the "throw up" sleepover. I just got Natalie settled and Tatiana threw up again. Suffice it to say everyone threw up 4 times at least and we all know you cannot just throw up and go back to sleep you definitely have someone (PREFERABLY YOUR MOM) witness it. For a while Natalie tried demanding that I keep my eyes open in case she threw up again. HA

As morning approached I hear new footsteps and it was Miriam running for the bathroom. And she wins the prize for being the most accommodating sick person because she made it to her destination.

Luckily the sickness was short. But at about 9 am I realized I was getting it. We were all very sad because it was a day off of school and we had a lot of fun plans that we had to cancel. I seriously laid in my bed all day with children all around me complaining of boredom. I could look out the window and hear cars going by on their way to fun. I could see the beautiful leaves that I could have been enjoying. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was so sick. I definitely got the long version of the sickness. I had a raging fever, I could not even keep my eyes open to read. What fun is laying in bed all day if you cannot read? Luckily by about 3 in the afternoon I was able to keep my eyes open to read and finished the bookclub book and worked on Seminary. But the fact still remains that I lost a day and definitely need some more bowls.


Jenny said...

How I know that you are VERY talented at writing: I've never been more entertained reading about vomit! That's too bad that after such a bad night, your day off was spoiled!

Jenn said...


Maddilyn said...

whoa, mom! you can't tell these people we bring food to them in those bowls!! they'll never eat anything you make again!!

Anne Marie said...

So sorry that everyone was so sick. Ugh! Sounds like a horrible night.

DeAnn said...

Sounds miserable. Sorry that you had to join in the fun too. We use ice cream buckets at our house. Works like a charm and we throw them away when the "bug" is gone. I hope no one else gets it. Did you get your applesauce done before the fun started??? Hope you are feeling better.

My Many Coloured Days said...

I hate to say it, but this vomit post has brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard. The vomit bowl has to be a household product - you should market it! And buy a few for your home too. Hope you're feeling all better... that truly stinks.