Oct 2, 2008

What I am longing to read.

I am loving teaching Seminary. But occassionally I do think longingly of the days when I did not have to read my scriptures, Encyclopedia of Mormonism, or Jesus The Christ 24/7. I know that that sounds very backwards. But I have two Wall Street Journals waiting for me to read. Think of all those well written articles wasted. I feel so desperate to understand what is happening in the financial world. I want to be able to intelligently talk about it and to understand how it affects me and I simply cannot find the time. The one Wall Street Journal is dated the 18th of September and the other is the weekend of September 20th and 21st. I am so behind. But every spare minute I have I must study so I can give somewhat intelligent sounding seminary lessons.

Another thing I need to be reading is the boookclub book for this month Memoirs of a Geisha. I never saw the movie but I am curious about the book. And I have always contended that bookclub is not about reading what you like it is about reading things you never would have chosen and stretching yourself.

I also think I will die if I cannot get my hands on Brisinger the third book in Christopher Paolini's Eragon series. It just came out about a week ago and it is sitting upstairs in Madeline's room taunting me as I go through everyday. This was a series that I was very surprised that I liked. Madeline is always trying to talk me into books and I resisted these for awhile but they are really good. The movie however was horrible. I have never seen a movie where I wanted to just shout out loud, "no that's not right" over and over to the screen. And I wanted to personally tell everyone in the world who saw it that it was not like the book at all.

For awhile I had Stephanie Meyer's book The Host sitting on my bedside table with all the hope in the world that I would be able to read it but I had to take it back to the library which made me so sad.

In the church books defense they are making a huge difference in my life. Having to study about Christ's life everyday for 2 hours really can seriously make a difference. Those people who suggest it really know what they are talking about :)

I do see a small glimmer of hope on the horizon. I am going to Georgia on the 24th to hang out with my three sisters and my parents for my 40th birthday maybe they won't mind if I hide in my room and read like I did when I was a kid :) And if that doesn't work maybe I could read on my trip to Indiana in November where I am also celebrating the big 4-0. Or maybe Christmas break?

And while we are on the subject I also have the dvd Iron Man sitting in my tv room half watched. I really wanted to see it in the theater and never got to. It came out on Tuesday on dvd and Joe AKA "Mr Moneybags" purchased it. And I of course just let him because I want to see it so bad and he had the money and I did not :) So I have watched half of it while getting scripture mastery stuff ready. And I think I can justify the other half if I fold socks while watching it.

I really wish I had serious multi tasking skills so I could read my books, watch Iron Man and work on seminary all at the same time...oh and pay attention to my children...how could I forget that?


Topher said...

Dude, here's all you need for your book club. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memoirs_of_a_geisha

Just read that a time or two, and then make up the rest. It was a good book, and I enjoyed the movie. Not because of the story so much, but because I served my mission in Japan and it was awesome cinematography.

Anne Marie said...

Thanks for the reminder about Iron Man. I had forgotten that came out. I hope you'll get a chance to read the Host soon. It was fascinating and really pulled you into the story. I probably need something to get myself more motivated to immerse myself in the scriptures/church material. Being a seminary teacher definitely sounds demanding.