Nov 9, 2008

Having A Party.

Those of you who know me know that I love to party. I do not know why. I have often wondered why I cannot resist the urge to have company to dinner or the urge to have an ornament exchange, or the urge to load up the van and head off into the sunset. Why doesn't the fact that my couches are gross hold me back? Why doesn't the fact that I have no curtains on my windows hold me back? Why doesn't the fact that Kittromney's litter box is in my "company" bathroom hold me back? Why doesn't the fact that I am really not a good cook hold me back? I have no idea.

After we were first married, and lived in Princeton, NJ, I learned an amazing lesson from a lady in my ward who had a gorgeous home and whose husband was a chief legal "guy" for Bristol Meyer Squibb she was always entertaining and in my young mind I imagined her entertaining had always been from an amazing home but she told me once about how when they had lived in Japan they would take their door off of the hinges and lay it on top of something and use it as the table and how cramped it was. That is when I realized it was about so much more than what your home was like and that I would never let that hold me back from entertaining. I love for my kids to be around conversation. I love to help people get to know other people.

I have been thinking about this because my list of party things I want to accomplish in the next 2 months is growing like crazy. I feel so sorry for anyone who is my friend and lives by me. They truly have to be skilled at saying no and meaning it if I sense any hesitation I am all over it doing what I can to convince them they need to play with me.

The first thing on my mind is New York City. I do not think I can go through many more days without getting back to New York City. I want to load my 15 passenger van and spend the day. The crowds do not bother me in the least. I adore it. So I am going to see if the husband will let me go to New York City on the 22nd of November.

The second thing on my mind is my annual ornament exchange. I started this tradition in Indiana. I had attended some ornament exchanges in Kansas and adored them. My problem with the ornament exchange is that I always want to invite everyone. I know it is crazy but this year I figured the heck with it I am truly going to invite the whole ward to my house to sit on my sinky couches that have been scratched by a very evil cat. I figure the worst thing that could happen is that it would take us until midnight to go through the actual exchange if their are too many people :) So on December 4th I will attempt it and let you know how it goes. It truly pains me to have to choose who to invite places.

The third party I am planning is dry pack cannery. That is on the 13th of December and strangely I consider it a party :) I am having a hard time deciding what I am going to can this time. I am trying so hard to be smart about it.

The 4th party came and went this weekend. The teenagers invited kids from the stake over to play. These parties are vitally important to me. I love for my kids to have a chance to bond with the teenagers. We have only lived here a year so it will take some time to build up a good group of kids. But honestly no matter how many come it is always fun.

This time we had 15 kids and they played some games in the dark up at Stanley Park and came back here and ate. Brian started a fire and they played a game that I found on the Internet a couple years ago.

Every time I introduce this game to a group of teenagers I think to myself they are not going to like this but every time they surprise me, love the game and beg to play it again. All you need is seating in a circle and tons of questions: Like is your bed made today? Have you ever broken a bone? Do you have blue eyes? Were you born in Utah?......millions and millions of questions and then they all sit in a seat and I start asking the questions and if the question applies to them they can move one seat over. The goal is to get around the circle to your original seat and if you are the first one there you win. Sometimes they end up stacked up 4 or 5 in one chair on their way around the circle. So after they were done with the game they all watched a movie. I hope they had fun. But even if they didn't I will keep having these parties. I think it is so important to get them together.

The fifth party is the opening night of the Twilight movie that is coming up on the 21st of this month. If there is a midnight showing rest be assured that this Seminary teacher will be there and of course I will mention it to everyone I can.

I think my problem is I love for people to have fun. I love to see them happy. I get so excited about things that I can not resist the urge to share them with everyone


Sandra and/or Kevin said...

I wish I were close to party with you!!!! I would love NY, ornamentexhange and I truely thing the cannery is a party. I have great belly laughs there!! MISS you TONS!!

Topher said...

We still remember getting invited over to your house for dinner in Lawrence. Our son was so excited about your downstairs play room, and Jenny and I had so much fun being in your home. Wish we lived close so you could take us to NYC. We've never been. If you wanted to run over (to KS) and pick us up, we'd be game.

another day in the life of... said...

sounds like we're in for a busy and oh so fun couple of months! count me in....

Kristy said...

You are the party girl! I love how you also organize shopping trips and make those into parties, too.

Anne Marie said...

Love it! I wish you were in our ward here in Texas. We need a great party-thrower here, and we have none in our ward (alas, I am not one). Love that idea for a teenagers' party. I'll have to try that one some day.

Alyson said...

Everyone reading your blog is wishing they were around for all these fun parties. Me included. Dang.

Nieca and Roger said...

Can I make reservations for the party van to NY?