Nov 4, 2008

How can I convince you?

I always look forward to election night. Election night and the Academy Awards my two most favorite nights :) Sad huh? I feel very nervous about watching the election results tonight. I always feel nervous when I do not know what the end will be. Luckily, I have Halloween candy to eat to calm my nerves while I am watching :)

I mean what do I do if everyone in the USA does not see things the same way I do? How could there be people out there that feel as strongly about their candidate as I do about mine? What if there are people out there that are wondering how I could be so blind about my candidates faults when I am wondering the same thing about their blindness to their candidates faults?

How do you convince someone to see things your way? I had a rare minute the other day to listen to Rush Limbaugh (hmmm does that give you any clues?) and someone called in to ask about this very thing. And he said when emotion is involved you can't convince. WHAT? But I have so many things to convince people about and so little time :)

I am continually amazed at Google. How many times do I google something thinking there is no way there will be any results about it and lo and behold there is results. Today I googled, "How to convince people" and I was wrong as wrong could be there were 20,600,000 results. So beware because there are a lot of people out there trying to convince you of things and they are all reading about it :) Look at a few of these:

How to convince people to skinny dip. (I might have to read that one)
How to convince someone to believe in anything. ( I am definitely reading that one)
How to convince people to leave comments ( no comment)
How to convince people that you are a time traveler (oh my)

It seems that everyone is in the business of convincing and apparently there are ways to actually get it done. You have to have evidence. You have to never waver from your story. You have to sound confident when you speak. So I have to get an endless amount of information about all the things I need to convince people about and I have to be confident when I spout this information.....does that mean I have to be a "know it all?" I do not know if the Baird house can support another "know it all." :)

So here is the beginning of my list of things I need to convince people of:

I need to convince my Seminary kids that being tardy to Seminary is very wrong.
I need to convince the people who created the food pyramid to add more servings of chocolate to their guidelines.
I need to convince Massachusetts that there are other ways to do things that make much more sense and would make things oh so much easier. If it would only notice and visit the other 49 states they would see that they are behind the times in so many ways.
I need to convince Amanda that it is easier to go through life not assuming that people do not like you.
I need to convince Brian that the garden needs to be rototilled very soon.
I need to convince Mindy that canning applesauce without sugar is wrong :)
I need to convince Natalie that this is indeed my computer time and not hers. ( she is standing here begging to bet on
I need to convince my children that doing random, helpful things around the house for me without being asked is a very cool thing to do.
I need to convince Brian that it is extremely manly to notice that things need to be done and not manly to wait for me to ask for things to be done.
I need to convince Kittromney,the cat, that knocking trash cans over is wrong.
I need to convince Madeline that she does not want texting for her birthday.
I need to convince everyone that their candidate is wrong and mine is right.
I need to convince Tom Cruise to not be a Scientologist.
I need to convince Brad Pitt to go back to Jennifer Aniston.
I need to convince Blockbuster to lower their rental prices.
I need to convince my ward that I am doing the best I can at playing the organ in sacrament meeting and that loud playing is good :)

Yes, the list could go on and on but I now have to convince you that I am too busy to write any more by telling you that I have to be at 12 parent teacher conferences tonight at the high school, plan a seminary lesson and watch election toodeloo.


Alyson said...

I do agree with what you said about Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

Brianne said...

I like the third one on your list. I'm always trying to convince people in Massachusetts that they are way behind the times....but since none of them ever leave Massachusetts they don't know what I'm talking about...

After having your applesauce I think you are right, canning applesauce without sugar is wrong. Your applesauce was the best I have ever had! My husband and son agree...

Jenn said...

I like a loud organ too! Maybe if we sent our MA government some chocolate they would see things our way! :S

Kristy said...

Good lists for convincing!

I do disagree with the Brad Pitt part, though. I mean, how could anyone resist Angelina? Sorry 'bout that.

Also, Rush Limbaugh convinced me to vote for Obama. Sorry again.

Love your organ playing, though.

Marathon Girl said...

David once convinced me to go skinny dipping and I got caught! I will NEVER be convinced to do that again!

another day in the life of... said...

you convinced me on everything but the applesauce, nice try though!
now can you convinve me that i need to get off the computer right now and do some packing?!

Anne Marie said...

Now, I need to convince you that you need to write a Vicki Iovine-like book called "The Girlfriend's Guide to Raising a Large Family". (Camie is the one who originally came up with this idea for you, but I totally agree!).