Nov 18, 2008

The Invitations.

My ornament exchange is coming. And never have my invitations for this event given me SO much trouble. Even though I know better and usually can fight the urge I have chosen to care deeply about these silly invitations that everyone will throw in the trash once they write the date on their calendar. Even though I know I am not the kind of person that wraps amazing presents, makes her own cards and has a theme every time I walk out of the house I occasionally have this moment that I deliriously think I could still possibly make the invitation that everyone would save :) I have never made anything in my life that people have said the words like, "that is so cute," or "how did you make that?" Yet, I dream that it will happen.

My dear friend Mindy introduced me to the online invitation possibilities and plugged all my info for the party onto a pre made background and sent the order to It was so easy and was going to only be $10.00. I was very excited. But when I showed up at Wal Mart yesterday to pick them up all was not well in "online invitation land." The words were blurry. They had not cut them straight and the colors were not true. The people in the Photo Lab were super nice and tried several times to make another one that would turn out right but they could not get the machine to cooperate.

While they were working on it I wandered Wal Mart aisles wondering what my Plan B should be. I am not capable of coming up with ideas on my own. I have other redeeming qualities that make up for this fact. So first, I looked at already made invitations. And either they did not have enough of the ones I liked or they were too much money. Since I have to have 55 invitations money was a concern. I looked at plain paper. I looked at colored paper. I looked at stickers. I looked at envelopes. Hoping some brilliant idea would come to me. I finally settled on a package of plain white envelopes and invitations and decided to head to Michael's craft store to look for more ideas.

I avoid Michael's like the plague. Because you go in there and everything looks so pretty that you feel like you can do anything. And you have visions of yourself creating masterpieces, owning your own company, starting a magazine, and maybe going to jail for fraud :) But the reality is for me I fantasize about being able to use all this very cool stuff and I bring it home and it never, for oh so many reasons,works out.

Anyway, I spent an hour and a half in Michael's. I knew that somehow all the amazing stuff I kept looking at was supposed to miraculously morph in my head to create an amazing idea so I kept waiting for it to happen. I called my amazing scrap booking, card making friend Joan in Indiana but did not catch her. I actually even said a prayer in my head for help. But it ended up that I was truly on my own. Me, all alone in Michael's with no one to talk too. It was very miserable. I live for asking people their opinions and I had no one but myself to ask......very scary.

I carried enormous pads of Christmas scrap booking paper around, I looked at stamps, I looked at punches, I looked at ribbon. I went back and forth and back and forth. I even looked around for some kind, innocent shopper to make eye contact with me so I could seize the moment and BEG for help. But no luck.

Finally, I bought a pad of Christmas scrap booking paper, and a little pack of 6 cookie cutters. And let's just say I have a long process ahead of me. Luckily, sweet, OCD Amanda loves to help with creating and cares deeply about straight edges and such so she and I put on the DVD John Tucker Must Die and started the process. I am very distressed to say that I got 2 finished out of 55 before I had to work on my Seminary lesson, fix dinner, change laundry, take Joe on the paper route, take Tatiana to the library. So why am I blogging instead of working on them? Very good question.

By the way, I was not ignoring you the last 5 days but Brian had bought me a plane ticket to Indiana for part of my 40th birthday fun. So I have been gone. I will tell you more about the trip as soon as I am done with the %^&*$#@ invitations. And do not get me started on my feelings about RSVP"ing :)


Jocelyn said...

I for one love keeping invitations. I have a whole box full of them downstairs that I should just throw out but I feel the need to keep them especially when I know how much time and effort went into making them, can we pre Rsvp? {i hate when people don't!

Camie said...

I feel your pain!! In my mind, the things I make are beautiful, but they never turn out that way in reality! I'm so glad you're having an ornament party--I wish I could come! I would definitely RSVP!

Kristy said...

I get scared and overwhelmed in Michael's. If I can't make it on the computer -- forget about it! :)

I also feel your "invitation pain." I feel the same way about my Christmas cards. Every year!

Michelle S said...

jen - i, too, am carrying on the ornament exchange party tradition this year and i'm so excited! however - i was also feeling the stress over the invitations.

i found mine at michael's - in the dollar section. little mary engelbreit cards that have a woman on the front welcoming guests into her home...the saying on the front is "the ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it" the play on words? anyway, if the &*(^%&*% invitations get to be too much for you, the 10-cards-for-a- buck option sure worked for me!

have fun planning - i'd love to hear some of your game ideas!!

Alyson said...

It's all too much for me. Even being a guest stretches my capabilities.

Anne Marie said...

good luck with the invitations! You are a brave woman to take that on! And, I get so frustrated about people's slowness in RSVP'ing to events.

p said...

good luck with the invites. I have so been there and done that.
we'd love to see them when they're done.

make your own invitations

My Many Coloured Days said...

This is my new favourite quote:
"I avoid Michael's like the plague. Because you go in there and everything looks so pretty that you feel like you can do anything. And you have visions of yourself creating masterpieces, owning your own company, starting a magazine, and maybe going to jail for fraud :) "

My feelings precisely.