Nov 13, 2008

New Socks.

The last time I bought new socks was 2 years ago in Seattle on my annual trip and the only reason I even bought them was because I had forgotten to pack some. I am NOT picky about socks. Brian is. He cares deeply about his socks. Especially how they feel. I have a sneaky feeling he buys expensive socks, but hey he makes the money :) I usually just grab the first pair I see in the store and buy them. The kids usually end up stealing my socks anyway so why bother?

Well it is very possible that that may have changed. When I was in Kohl's the other night with two teenage girls with me I just happened to end up in the sock section (which by the way is really the "hosiery' section.) I was trying to get away from the teenagers relentless lists of needs and while hiding from them I remembered that I was down to one pair of socks and had been wearing mismatched ones for awhile.....I know....ewwwww. Anyway, the girls found me and resumed their incessant talking and I lost focus, saw that Adidas socks were on sale, had my 30% off coupon, which always gives me a false sense of security, so I just grabbed them. My first clue that I had something special should have been when both teenagers said, "oh, I am SO going to borrow those socks.

Today I got the socks out and after the extensive "opening socks process" I went through I know I have some very good socks that I will definitely have to hide. My reason for assuming that they are good socks is because of how they they were wrapped. Usually I buy socks with just one annoying plastic tag punched through all the pairs with one black hanging device attached. But these socks had oh, so much more.....

#1. A wrapper, made out of thick paper, wrapped around the outside of them.

#2. Not just one, but two stickers stuck on the socks both using the word "comfort" along with words like "wire free?"

#3. Who looks for "wire free socks?"

#4. Have I missed something? Is it important to have socks that say "no wires were harmed during the making of these socks?"

#5. In addition to the stickers and outer wrapper there were 4 little metal clips holding the toes of each pair of socks together. I wonder what purpose these serve? So you can easily see the pairs? Maybe someone has figured out how to use these little "metal thingys" in a craft project but you can only get the little "metal thingys" for the coveted craft project by buying the socks? I personally think it is so you feel like someone went to a lot of work for your socks. Those Adidas people think of everything. It is like getting a chocolate on your pillow. Oh wait, there is more. There was not one, but two, of those plastic tags in them. Truly amazing.

You can see it had enough of an impression on me that I had to blog about it.

When I finally put my new socks on they did seem better than those "other" socks I "used" to buy. And now that it is 4 in the afternoon and I am finally finishing my blog that I started this morning I have had a minute to actually read the outside wrapper and I notice the price on these
puppies was $12.00. Hmmmm maybe Brian is on to something with his expensive sock obsession. (love you dear :)


Anne Marie said...

I have been a Wal-Mart sock girl in the past, but you've got me wondering if I've been missing out...

Bernd and Rachel said...

Hey "Costco executive member Jenn", watch for Costco's coupons-thay have great deals on socks.:) It's nice to have well-dressed feet.:)