Nov 25, 2008


There is a little flower shop that I pass when driving into town and I always notice things they have displayed outside and wonder what is inside the shop. In October they displayed something that definitely got my attention and got me to finally stop. One day as I drove by hanging from the eaves of the shop were about 20 of these huge, round shimmering orange balls. They look like huge Christmas ornaments. They had a beautiful orange ribbon attached and some greenery at the top of the ball where the ribbon was attached. They looked so pretty. When I stopped I never checked the price of the balls I just checked out the shop and asked the lady about the balls. I was not sure if I wanted orange ones but I did want to know about them. And in the process of asking I found out that they sell very fast and that I should just wait to see the ones for Christmas. That got my attention and so I did not ask anymore about the Fall ones and decided to wait until the Christmas ones appeared.

I have a Cape Cod style home with 4 very perfect places on my porch for these balls to hang. And I imagined them hanging from my eaves with piles of New England snow on the ground, perfectly hung white lights and greenery around the windows. I have never decorated the outside of my house for Christmas but the thought of these balls, in red, hanging from my porch inspired me. Anyway, my patience paid off and the other day I came around the corner and there were tons of the beautiful RED balls hanging from the eaves of the shop. It was Sunday so I could not stop.

But yesterday after the paper route I took the girls with me and we went to look and just see how much the balls were. I really had no idea how much they would be. I was thinking $10.00 apiece. Silly Me!! They were $25.00 apiece or two for $40.00. I just smiled and thanked the lady and we left. Tatiana said when we got in the car, "Mom, that would be $80.00 for the 4 you want." And Natalie wanted to know why I did not get them. I just consoled myself with thoughts of; Where on earth would I store these huge balls? And think how sad I would be when Joseph shot them with his bow and arrows as he did everyone's pumpkins. And what in our food storage would they taste good with :)?

All that said we went on to Wal Mart to finish our errands and they had some balls there that were not as huge but still as red. I would have to attach my own ribbon and my own greenery. But it was 2 balls for $10.00. I am going to think about it for a while before I decide. It is definitely a need vs want decision. I wonder if I will cave? :)


Kristy said...

Sometimes a want and a need are the same thing, don't you know?

Camie said...

Kristy and I might both be bad influences, but my feeling is that if you are STILL thinking about it for a long while after you leave the store then you should go for it, or you will really regret it later!! Besides, it sounds like the kind of thing you won't be able to buy on sale after the holidays b/c they will be all gone!

Anne Marie said...

Ooooo, tough decision! I vote for getting balls...either the Wal-Mart ones or the ones at the smaller store.