Nov 21, 2008

That Movie That Was Released Today :)

Is it possible for a little old movie release to cause so much trouble in one household? I cannot imagine how peaceful and quiet my house would have been in the last 24 hours if I had 5 boys who cared nothing about Twilight instead of 5 girls who cared deeply. The whole drama started yesterday, as Madeline spent hours looking for a movie theater that was going to show the premier of Twilight at midnight. Finally she found one in South Hadley but we just could not get all the stars to be aligned for it to happen. I am not against midnight showings of a movie on school nights. Matter of fact it is definitely my fault that there was even hope. I have shown poor judgement many times in the past and taken my kids to midnight showings of new movies. But that was before I was a Seminary teacher, worked and had book club all on the same night as the midnight showing.

So when Madeline realized that because of her, already made Friday night plans, that she was going to have to...gasp....wait until Saturday to see Twilight she quickly came up with an alternate plan because waiting for Saturday was definitely not working for her.( that whole "me" generation thing.) Now before you judge me just remember that someday you may have a child like Madeline who strangely seems to get whatever she wants and you never seem know how it happened....can you say, career as a "lawyer?" Do not get me wrong we all love her a whole lot but she has a special gift for "working the magic." So to make a very long and very dramatic story short Madeline and Amanda saw Twilight today at 12:45 in the afternoon. Miriam and I are going tonight at 9:50 pm and Amanda is in very heavy negotiations to see it again with us at the 9:50 showing and the way my day has gone I can pretty much guarantee that she will be with us :) It is all about compromising and that is what happened at the Baird house today....lots of compromising and negotiating.

I am ever so curious about this movie. I have created a very beautiful mental picture in my mind of this story as I read all the books and I wonder what the chances are that the movie exactly matches the mental picture in my head and why am I messing with the already perfect mental picture? I do not know.

The word on the worldwide web is that if you have read the books you will like the movie but if you have not read the books and are not a devoted fan you may walk away thinking the movie is a bit "cheesy." That sounds fair to me.

On my trip to Indiana last week I was able to finish reading The Host, another book written by Stephanie Meyers. I must say that I loved The Host......almost better than Twilight......did I really say that?

Anyway, I would love to hear if you saw the movie and if you are glad you did.


Anne Marie said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear what you think of it!!! Let us know. I am waiting until next week...yes, I am a Twilight fan. It just wasn't working out for me this weekend. Sorry about all the drama surrounding the movie. Hope everyone likes it. And, yes, I actually liked much of The Host better than the Twilight books. Ian was my favorite character, and I liked him better than Edward (don't shoot me, Team Edward!).

Jenn said...

This is an interesting development, I have heard that "The Host" was not very good. I trust you opinions Jenn, so maybe I need to break down and read it! Good luck with the negotiations! :D

My Many Coloured Days said...

Alas, Mr. Man is out of town and I cannot go. Though I find renewed patience suddenly and may wait for the 5 buck club! DID NOT like "The Host" one bit. - Are you still my friend?

Bernd and Rachel said...

I am waiting to see it next week with my friend who is coming from out of town. I want to hear what you think Jenn! I really liked the Host-better than Twilight.:)

Kristy said...

My sister and I had a girls' date scheduled to see it, but I got too tired and icky feeling. Boo. Should be able to make it next week, though.

I also really enjoyed "The Host."