Nov 27, 2008

To Go Tomorrow or Not to Go?

I have this dilemma every Thanksgiving. Do I go out and shop on Black Friday or not? I must confess I think I could get into the shopping at 4:00 in the morning thing if I could just find someone to go with me. Throughout the years I have been able to talk just about anyone into playing with me at anytime but when it comes to Black Friday no one has ever committed.

I am a crowd person.
I can get up early in the morning.
I am patient.
I can shop in my sweats.

Are those all the traits I need?

I have just sent Madeline out to find me a newspaper. My instructions to her were to find me the thickest paper she could. I am curious to see what she will bring back. In the past we have received the paper at our house but not this year. I know I can look online at most ads but there is just something about curling up on the couch in a blanket with a stack of ads that I like.

We did see a few ads in the little hometown paper we delivered on Wednesday. And Joe quickly found a portable DVD player that he thinks he cannot live without out for $40.00 at Wal Mart. And I did notice very cheap DVD prices at Wal Mart. And when we were at Old Navy yesterday they said that on Friday all denim and fleece would be 50% off. But can I go alone? Will I find something that important in the ads? Will stores be that desperate for my business this year that I will not be able to refuse? Are you going?


Brianne said...

I'm going shopping on Black Friday for the first time tomorrow! My sister-in-law talked me into it. But we aren't leaving too early...we decided 7:00 was early enough. Maybe we'll see you out and about! Happy Shopping!

Camie said...

DEFINITELY GO!! It's fun to just be part of the experience even if you don't have a lot you are looking for. It's a fun part of my Christmas tradition. And if you don't know where to shop--start at Michael's or Jo-Anns--they have practically the whole store on sale!

Melissa said...

I would go with you if we lived close! I love a good deal! Hope you had fun if you ventured out!

Kristy said...

Did you go? I did not. My favorite year was the one when you and I went for after Christmas bargains.