Nov 28, 2008

The tree from Balsam Acres.

Last year we moved to Massachusetts the first week of December. I never got up the strength to do the Christmas decorating last year. We did not have a tree. We did not have a calendar counting down the days. We had nary a christmas light in, on, or around the house. So this year for the first time, in my life, I was ready on the day after Thanksgiving to go get the christmas tree.

We always cut our own tree. And after years of wanting a perfect tree and getting one every year that was lopsided and very less than perfect I had finally come to grips with that fact that it was my lot in life to always have a lopsided, "Charlie Brownish" sort of tree. This year I expected no different. When we lived in Indiana and Kansas I had to hunt for Christmas Tree farms but that is not the case in Massachusetts, there are Christmas Tree Farms everywhere.

For our excursion today I chose one in Blandford because Brian was that direction helping some friends work on their house. Blandford is a small town up in the Berkshires. We live at the base of the Berkshires so it was about a 25 minute drive to Balsam Acres from our house. It was not a commercialized tree farm at all, just cut your own tree, basic and straightforward. No getting confused in a gift shop, no "rides" on anything to get to the trees just driving to the spot in your own car, picking a tree and cutting it. Strange concept..... you come for what you needed and leave with what you needed, nothing more, nothing less?

For the first time in my life I got out of the car and, seriously, liked the first tree I saw. I thought that could not be right. Picking a Christmas tree is supposed to cause your husband major grief. It is supposed to be a long, miserable process. So I wandered for minute pretending interest in other trees but my attempt was half hearted I already knew I had the perfect tree. SO that was that, we cut it, stuffed it over the seats in the 15 passenger van and headed for home. None of the usual swearing from the hubby. None of the doubts from me as to whether I got the right tree. No fighting children. All so strange. Got home and within half an hour the tree was up with lights on it. Usually the Christmas tree event puts Brian in a very foul mood and takes forever. Trying to get it in the stand. Getting poked by needles.... Oh, that reminds me, guess what? NO pokey needles on this tree. They are short, soft almost too perfect needles. I have never had a tree like that before. This is a Balsam Pine and it has ruined me because from now on I will have to hunt high and low no matter where I live for a Balsam Pine. I now officially CARE about what kind of christmas tree I have.

The kids fought a little over putting the ornaments on the tree but things cannot be completely perfect. Because I had not seen our Christmas stuff for 2 years I threw a lot of stuff out. Ornaments and such that I had hung on to but never have used. It took us a little while to decide where the "tree spot"should be. When you decorate for the first time in a new house you have to negotiate all this kind of stuff. But I feel very content about all the negotiations. I even got Brian to hang one string of lights on the outside of the house and wrap 2 garlands around two of our porch posts. I even have decided to beg him to help me wrap the other 4 front porch posts in garlands too. That means things went really well :)

I am so proud to announce that the Baird family has a perfectly proportioned christmas tree.


Anne Marie said...

The Christmas tree looks beautiful!!! I love it. We have never cut down our own, but it sounds like a great tradition.

Brianne said...

What a nice tree! My mom always cut our Christmas tree down, but she didn't have very good spacial vision...a tree that looked small outside usually took up half our living room and had to be tied up to the curtain rod!

We will be putting up our artificial 3 foot Christmas tree again this year. I figure we will go that route as long as the kids are little enough not to care.

Kristy said...

That is really a gorgeous tree! Makes me almost want to ditch our fake one and go back to the real variety ... but not quite. :)