Dec 28, 2008


I had never thought about the small bummer of having a birthday the day after Christmas but this year is the first time that I have a friend who has a birthday the day after Christmas. I got to thinking about it and talking about it with this friends sister in law and we decided this birthday needed to be a fun one. It did not take us long to brainstorm the New York City idea. And I am pleased to announce it actually happened.

I jumped in the car with my friends on Saturday morning at 7:30 am armed with a laminated map of Manhattan, Brian's Garmin, map quest directions for Brian's secret back way into New York City, Carmex, cash, my camera, and all the information a girl could gather on how to get Broadway tickets in New York City.

We drove straight to the Baird family favorite parking lot on 42nd street across from the Port Authority. We arrived at about 10:30am and headed straight for Times Square where we knew the Broadway discount ticket booth was. I asked a policewoman on a horse where the exact location was and we were on our way. Our big goal of the day was to see a Broadway show. We had checked online but the cost of the tickets online was enough to depress anyone. I had heard lots of people talk about the TKTS booth in Times Square and how you could get discount tickets for Broadway shows and I had a lot of questions about how that worked. So I picked as many brains as I could, gathering all kinds of information.

There are actually three TKTS booths in New York City, one does not sell same day tickets and one only sells you tickets if you can stand on your head....JK. Anyway, Times Square seemed the easiest. When we arrived at the booth at about 10:45am we thought the situation looked really good but then we alarmingly realized we were NOT looking at the end of the line we were looking at the first 1/4 part of the line and then we were lovingly directed to the end of the line which was across the street and down around the next block. We waited for about an hour and 10 minutes but it was very organized waiting and moved along at a pretty fast pace. We gathered more information from our "waiting in line neighbors" about all the shows and started deciding what shows we wanted to see.

We knew when you got up to the ticket window that you needed to have 3 or 4 choices in mind of what you wanted to see. We knew you could only pay with cash, that we did not want partial view tickets, that we needed three seats together, and that we had to be able to act fast. So when we got to the front our first choice was Chicago but those tickets were $84.00 apiece, then our next choice Gypsy only had partial view seats left so we chose Boeing Boeing for $62.00. Boeing,Boeing is a comedy that has Christine Baranski ( who was in Mama Mia) and Rebecca Gayheart ( who is in Ugly Betty)in it. And the ticket booth lady assured us that it was very funny.

With those tickets in my hand I felt like I had conquered the world and that I was now an expert on getting tickets for Broadway. We ran to get something to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe and then found our theater by 1:30pm. The show started at 2:00pm. From the minute the curtain went up I was immediately addicted to Broadway. The play was very, very funny. We really enjoyed it. There were only 6 people in the cast and the stage was very simple but the conversations were mesmerizing and I really loved it.

Now I just need to figure out how to make more money so that I can go to New York City often and see shows on Broadway all the time.

After the show we headed towards 5th Avenue so we could check out Rockefeller Center and "the Christmas Tree" know the one....don't you? Well everyone else was doing the exact same thing as we were and we were feeling a little squished and a little disappointed at the sight of the tree, which I felt guilty about, but could not deny. So we kept walking towards 5th Avenue so we could check out some stores.

Once we got onto 5th Avenue we headed towards Central Park and we had not walked far when we could see between two buildings "that Christmas Tree" again but this time it looked much better. It was the shot you see on TV. Those TV people are SO smart :)

We moseyed on UP 5th Avenue. We stopped in Crate and Barrel and Tiffany's. I was amazed at how many people were in Tiffany's. I was afraid we would walk in and be the only people in the store and we would be stuck have to buy a fat, beautiful, sparkly, very expensive ring before we could leave. But that was not the case. I am not a jewelery girl but the sights in Tiffany's were enough to convert anyone to the bling side very quickly. My friends even talked me up to the second floor where we checked out engagement rings and oh so many couples trying them on. (Great people watching :)

We walked along the southern edge of Central Park and headed back through Times Square to our car. I had never been in New York City after dark and I must say it truly is a city that never sleeps. And all the lights are amazing.

We got back to Massachusetts at about 10:30 pm. And today I keep wondering to myself if yesterday was a dream? But it wasn't. It was just a truly fabulous day.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about our family trip to Cape Cod and Battleship Cove and give you all my opinions on the fine art of "name dropping."


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Melissa said...

Sounds delightful! Glad you had fun!

Alyson said...

Jennifer! I'm so glad you shared your happy day with us. Just wish I had been there, too!

My Many Coloured Days said...

Wow- sounds like a dream come true! Almost makes me wish my bday were the day after Christmas too ;)

Kristy said...

How delicious! Can't wait to get back to the Big Apple ... but I think I'll wait until spring. :)

Anne Marie said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! I've been to NYC's Broadway 3 times in my life, and I absolutely loved it every time.