Dec 4, 2008

Don't Forget.

List of things to blog about....soon.

Wreath making excursion to Boston on last Tuesday night.
Ornament Exchange at my house tonight...interspersed with wonderings about people who do not RSVP.
Twelve food items I am serving at the ornament exchange.
Things I have not taught the kids to do.
Christmas lists.
Can't stop going to see Twilight.
Edward Cullen
Mama Mia coming out on video on the 16th
Annoying warning beep my car gives me when I take a corner to fast :)

Hang in there I am writing oh so many blogs in my head :) After theis party tonight I will have time


Anne Marie said...

Hope your party went great. So, how many times have you seen Twilight?

Kelly Tillotson said...

the party was great--and i am in need of those gooey butter bars....i forgot the name of the website you said you found the recipe on...
(im blaming the new baby-in-the belly on my future plans of making and eating an entire batch....)