Dec 16, 2008


Several of you already know that I have added one more thing to my life. One more thing to think about, fret about, and wonder the deep meaning about.....Facebook. Or as my friend Jacque cleverly calls it "crackbook." (because it is addicting:)

I signed up all by myself. I did not need to call anyone and ask how. I did not invite anyone over and serve refreshments to get help, I just did it. After months of having people "friend" me on Facebook and after weeks of my 3 teenage girls telling me that I needed a Facebook I am really not sure what finally made me give in. I think part of it may be that my readers (according to my Sitemeter) on the blog have gone down from 41 daily to 27. Do not worry, I still love blogging the best. But I am just saying that within 3 hours on Facebook I had 12 friends and I have NEVER had 12 comments on my blog :)

My teenagers are very excited about me having a Facebook. When they discovered that I had finally done it they all gathered around the computer, they wanted to choose and upload my Facebook picture, they kept exclaiming to each other all the friends I had already, and it was a little nauseating how they repeated over and over, "oh how cute it was that I had a Facebook page". They wanted to make all my friends for me. I said, "absolutely not," I can actually make my own friends. They want to be my friends and at this moment I am not going to be their friends on Facebook. It just does not seem right. It feels like I would be spying on them on Facebook. I told them they need to know I am not everywhere in their life. So I will just pay my friends who are their friends on Facebook to spy on them :)

It is truly amazing that you submit your name, where you went to high school, where you went to college and the computer can immediately give you a list of people it thinks you should be friends with. And the computer never gives up it keeps suggesting friends, it is very concerned about me having a high self esteem. Blogging is not for low self esteem girls like me I am always equating love with comments, which is not what you should do. So is it asking too much to ask Facebook to work on self esteem?

I am now doing a little bit of wondering about all the ins and outs of "friending" people. I have seen my girls agonize over who to make a friend and who not to make a friend. They do not want to hurt people's feelings, some people you may not want to see everything you are writing. I am pretty sure my life is not as complicated as their lives are. I want to be friends with everyone....right?

So blogging is still my first priority, speaking of which, have you noticed that I am not fixing dinner anymore so I can blog? :) But I am looking forward to finding old friends, updating my status every freaking minute and making sure I know what your status is every freaking minute.....good times:)


Kristy said...

Facebook is fun, but I like your blog the best.

Camie said...

Welcome to facebook!! And I would definitely friend your girls if I were you--it's a great way to keep tabs! I also agree with Kristy--on Facebook we don't get your great writing, so keep it up!

Anne Marie said...

I am really afraid to get onto Facebook...mostly because there are some characters from my past who I would not want to find me (mostly some very freaky guys who expressed interest in me at one time or another...and they are not normal ones at all!). Plus, I have some addiction-forming genes that make anything a potentially dangerous habit for me. I dearly love your blog. I think we are all experiencing "holiday busyness"...thus the fewer visitors to your blog:)

Roger said...

I sure hope you keep blogging! Just cause I haven't commented doesn't mean I haven't laughed along. =D