Dec 1, 2008

I look out the window and what do I see?

I have been waiting for this moment since late August when I yanked out the last of the tomatoes and peppers from my garden spot. And this very weekend it finally happened. We had to wait for the mortgage people to randomly send us money :) We had to wait for a weekend when Brian was home, in the mood, and the weather was good for it to happen. After the ground froze twice I had my doubts as to whether it would happen but my hubby came through for me. And now everytime I look out the window when I am doing the dishes I am SO happy that my garden spot is rototilled. I am very obsessed about it. Just ask Brian.

And now for the first time in 20 years of marriage the Baird's have their own rototiller. No more waiting for the courage to ask someone to borrow theirs. I can now rototill whenever I want. Oh the freedom!! I would truly be amiss if I did not thank all the people along the way who loaned us their rototillers, or sent their husbands over on tractors to till our past gardens :) I promise to be a grateful rototiller owner and always share my tiller with anyone and everyone....sorry dear :)

There is nothing that I like better than perfectly beautiful tilled up dirt. I am so sad that I cannot do anything with it until March or April.....oh alright this is will probably be MAY. Every year at this time I have such grand plans for the garden for next year. I dream of perfectly straight rows. I dream of a spot for flowers that I can cut. I am hoping this is the year that the flower dream can come true. I think I finally have a handle on the straight rows thing. And I have a method for dealing with weeds. So I think I have earned the flower dream. I did have a tomato fiasco last year and that makes me a little afraid but I will not let it discourage me I will remember that every year is different.

So I am going to request at least a thousand free seed catalogs and make a master plan that will keep me company all winter long.
What is your favorite seed catalog?


Kelly Tillotson said...

Since I know nothing about gardening, when I got married I decided I needed to learn so I could be a cute gardening wife---and even though that hasn't happened yet, I still get my Burpee catalog and fantasize of all the beautiful plants I will someday grow. They have free catalogs. I'm pretty sure you can go to
And even though these are flowers, I grew up in the town where White Flower Farm is, it is very well known, and has the most beautiful flowers and plants to buy. (I think even Martha Stewart has featured them on her show) :)

Melissa said...

Sorry- this is Jared's area! I kill most plants I touch...

Botanical Interests said...

We don't print a seed catalog, not only is it a less environmentally friendly option, it is also not cost effective for smaller, family owned companies such as ours. You can however, visit our website where you can purchase seeds and explore our 500 varieties and we hope you will!

Kristy said...

That is so exciting! I am glad that your soul is singing as you look at your tilled dirt.