Dec 9, 2008

If I did collect.

Lately I have been thinking about collections and the act of acquiring them. I have a few things that I have always wanted to collect but strangely it has never worked out. When is the point that people know you collect it? Do you make an announcement?

"Ahem....thanks for all coming to my announcement, I just wanted to let you know that I am now collecting (insert item name) so as to make it easy for you to think of me whenever you see this item. So that when you are shopping and you see it you will know immediately that I will love it."

I think there may be some small hazards in collecting something. Do you ever get tired of receiving it as a gift? What if you choose something that it is possible to duplicate? ("I already have that Edward PEZ but thanks so much for thinking of me")

I already have a list of things I might be interested in collecting. But something tells me that that is not how it happens. I think it is something you do not think about or talk about until one day you are sitting in your special room made just for your snow globe collection and you realize you seriously have a collection. Or maybe it is when you are in Egypt purchasing something for your camel collection.

I have had friends ask me to pick up a pin for them from Niagara Falls for their collection. I have gone with a friend to dig through piles of Kelly dolls in Target to find the one she was missing in her collection. I have bought people key chains from states for their collections. I have admired snowman themed Christmas trees with all of this persons snowman collection on it.

One thing on my list of things to collect is bracelets. I am not really a jewelry kind of girl but I do love bracelets. My first bracelet I remember getting was in high school when we had a girl living with us whose parents were in Saudi Arabia working. One January when she came back from Christmas break in Saudi Arabia she brought me a bracelet. Then about 6 or so years later when Zach was about 10 months old we went to American Samoa to visit my parents for a month and I got a beautiful bracelet while I was there. I wish at this point I would have made some announcement or determination that I was going to collect bracelets from places I went but I was too busy having and raising the kiddos to think about it. Then when I lived in Kansas my dear friend Shannon made me a bracelet and she made some my other dear friends the same bracelet. I adore this bracelet and I love that I think of all those dear friends when I put it on and wear it too church. When Brian and I went to Hawaii in January 2003 I got a great bracelet but sadly it broke. The next bracelet I acquired when I was shopping one time in Indiana with my friend Camille and yep, you guessed it, I think of her when I wear it. So that is the end of the bracelet five of something a collection? I like the bracelet idea because you do not have to worry too much about duplication and you do not have to have a special hutch with lights to display them in.

The second thing I fear I would like to collect is pitchers. But that is as far as that idea has gotten. I love them and I always am attracted to them in every store I go in that has them. But these require space. I have one that is for display that I got from my friend Camille in Indiana. And I have one clear pitcher bought from the prestigious Wal Mart. And I have two plastic pitchers that were wedding gifts. You get the idea.

I have collected state quarters and this morning when Joe and I were updating the collection with our newest find....Hawaii. I realized I only need 3 more and my set is complete (Minnesota, Maine and Alaska) and then I realized it really is not worth anything. It is not in a fancy display book. It is not all shiny new quarters. I then had the evil thought I should just spend them.

I confess I could collect fabric in a minute. I am not smart enough to do anything with it but oh how I love it. All the colors and patterns greatly appeal to me.

I read a little bit about why people collect and one lady said if you call yourself a collector you are is that simple. Your collections say a lot about you so the fact that I do not have one says a lot about me because I am by nature a "throw a way" things kind of person. They say it is definitely a psychological thing that we collect. It also has to do with disposable income...hmmm what on earth is that? That must be what holds me back from collecting :)

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Kristy said...

This is true -- you do keep a very clean house, and I can't help but think that most collections might look like clutter to you after a while? Perhaps the bracelet idea is best. :-)