Dec 15, 2008

Just in case this ever happens to you.

So, it was about 2:00pm in the afternoon yesterday, we were having company for dinner and I was trying to cook 4 things at once; sour cream potatoes,
chicken rice casserole, rolls, and my lunch :) I was constantly being interrupted by children who wanted to wrap Christmas presents but could not find tape and scissors and by little girls being chased around the house by Joe, so my mind was in about 8 different places.

It was inevitable that I would make some kind of mistake I do know myself oh so well. The mistake occurred with the chicken rice casserole. I have made this chicken rice casserole a million times. The bottom layer of this casserole is a box of chicken Rice A Roni. The only time I ever use Rice A Roni is in this recipe. Somehow I got the amount of margarine that you saute the vermicelli in (love the word vermicelli) wrong and instead of 2 tablespoons of butter I put 6 tablespoons of butter in.

You see, the 6 tablespoons of butter was for something else. By the time I discovered it I really did not want to start over so I decided to live on the edge and see if the 2 tbs was a hard and fast rule. Guess what? It isn't :) I think they should add the word "recommended" after their 2 tablespoon declaration. Oh, do not get me wrong, I definitely think 2 tablespoons is best but the benefits of 6 tablespoons was that it came out of the pan with no trouble at all and that it was 3 times as good.

So if you ever find yourself in the kitchen on Sunday afternoon, cooking way to many things at once, and you mess up on the amount of margarine that goes in the Rice A Roni. Remember that if it is a mess up that puts you up to 3 times the amount called for you are still okay.....but if you go past 3 times the amount recommended you are on your own....I have not made that mistake yet but I will definitely let you know when I do since this is my happy, sharing of all my mistakes, place :)

Oh, and just in case you think you are way too good to have a casserole with Rice A Roni in it. This is a very good casserole titled Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole. The person who named this recipe must have known that "Rice A Roni" in the title might cause some people to pass it over but the word "Poppy Seed" in the title for some reason makes you feel more elegant. SO if you are ever worried about the name of a recipe and how it may appeal to the masses just throw a teaspoon or so of that oh so elegant poppy seed and voila....your recipe will be spoken of in hushed tones forever :)


Brianne said...

Now you just need to share this recipe for Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole! I'm always looking for yummy new recipes...

Jenn said...

I second that motion!

Kelly Tillotson said...

Thank you so much for those biscuit sticks and the gooey cake excited to make those...and the bread was deeeeelish. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness :)

Kristy said...

I love Rice a Roni. Plain or in a casserole. I am not ashamed of my Rice a Roni love, either.