Dec 22, 2008

Just random thoughts before I have to go to work.

Monday morning 7:21.

I hoped for a two hour delay this morning, but no such luck. It ended up being a good thing because it got me going.

Had Seminary at 5:45 am this morning.

Decided to choose the "hard way" and have protein for breakfast rather than the easy way which is the "evil Eggo waffle carb way." After talking to the kids in Seminary about how we always choose the easy way and never the hard way I decided I would choose cooking breakfast over toasting breakfast....yeah for me.

Can finally see the sky today after 3 days of snow.

Zach left Utah Saturday morning to come home for Christmas break and was delayed leaving Salt Lake City, then got delayed in Minneapolis, made it to Cincinnati where he spent the night in the airport and finally made it home on Sunday at about 2 pm.

Church was cancelled on Sunday because of the snow.

Have to:
work today
take Joe on the paper route
drive to Amherst some time today to Whole Foods to get Joe's special wheat free waffles.
Finish Christmas
Harass the appliance repair guy who did not fix my washing machine for the second time.
Buy more mittens and hats. We had nothing but non stop crisis yesterday as people stole each other's mittens and hats and Under Armour as they went out to play in the snow.
Research winter activities in New York City since we are going on Friday.
Send the last few Christmas cards that I had questions on addresses.

Brian asked when we were going to take down the Christmas tree and for the first time in my life I do not want it gone. It looks so nice that I want to keep it up But I think he is tired of watering it everyday. Did you know he sets his alarm on his phone to remind him to water it? Raise your hand if you know where the OCD that some of the kids have comes from :)

I confess I rented House Bunny this weekend. And since I know you all have it on your list of "must see movies" I guess I should save you some money and tell you you probably should not rent it. I cannot believe I had such high hopes for a movie that has the word "bunny" in the title.

I still have not had a chance to really explore Facebook. I hope I can have some good reasons to ground children from the computer so I can get myself some quality time with our Dell.

I went to the mall on Saturday with everyone else in Massachusetts. I honestly do not mind crowds one bit. Bath and Body works was the most picked over I have ever seen it. I guess everyone in Massachusetts will smell good this year. Very interesting to see which scents were left for my girls :)

I did something I never said I would this Christmas...I have bought 4 gifts for two teenagers right in front of them and actually told them the truth that Yes, it was for them and yes, they had to wait for Christmas :) I hate for them to not have surprises but desperate times call for desperate measures :)

Anyway, I better go get the little girls up so they do not miss the bus.


Brianne said...

Wow...I thought my to do list for today was long, but your's is longer. Good luck getting all that done. You must be super woman!

Camie said...

Jenn--don't forget my parents live in Cincinnati and I live in Minneapolis--tell Zach to remember that on his way home if he has another long travel day! I'll be so happy to rescue him!