Dec 12, 2008

My Job, My Brain and Being Stupid.

Everyday at work I make a mistake. There, I said it out loud, and now you, my most dearest friends, know how work is going. Everyday I leave work wondering how I ever got through 40 years of life being so not smart. I have spent a lot of time lately wondering why my brain works the way it does and if it is too late to change it :)

If I could change it at right this very minute I would give my poor little brain the gift of... math. You see it is a tad humiliating to be 40 and not be able to see the world the way a math brained person does. Counting back change. Quadrupling a recipe. Adding up the times I feel stupid, all are amazingly hard for me :) I will not bore you with the agony that being a non math brain person has caused me in the last 6 weeks. Humiliating is definitely the best word to use to describe the situation. But do not worry a bit about me because since I do not have a brain all clogged full of math I have plenty of room in my little old brain for a sense of humor which I am using to get me through this humiliation. How is it going? Hmmmm..... not so well.

Every one's brain works differently, right? There is more than one way to skin a cat, right? Some of us are ants and some of us are grasshoppers, right? It takes all kinds to make the world go around, right? So why does there continue to be people in the world who think their way is the only way? And why is everyone else who sees it another way stupid?

There is that word..."stupid." I have been thinking a lot about this word the last couple of days. Someone recently declared to me that they do not tolerate stupid people and I have been having a huge conflict in my mind because of this statement, maybe I have this conflict because I am stupid :)

Tonight I was reading the definition of stupid and my eyes wandered to an opportunity to take a test to see if I was stupid. I thought that it would be fun to blog about taking the "stupid test." But it was not fun when in the middle of it I realized it was very stupid and then at the end of it when this test had the nerve to tell me I was the stupid one I really knew it was a stupid test. It ruined my chance at a good blog I mean, how can you blog about taking a test about being stupid when the test claims you are? Oh, I am blogging about being stupid....silly me.

Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does"

Okay, I get that. But there is no universal definition for stupid. Who decides who is stupid? Well, other people do, people who are too stupid to think of another word to describe the things other people are doing that either annoy them or are making them jealous. Isn't it just your opinion against someone elses what is stupid and what isn't? You may think what I do/or did/or am going to do is stupid and sometimes you are right and sometimes you aren't.

Okay, all this stupid talk is making me dizzy. I really should keep my thoughts to myself so that you do not have any reason to wonder if I am stupid :)

So have a great weekend and definitely do not do anything stupid :)


Roger said...

Actually, it was Forrest Gump's mother who always said, "Stupid is as stupid does." ;)

Anonymous said...

OK my friend...I think you are forgetting all of the things we "smart" girls figured out on your last visit to Indiana. I mean, we practically solved all of the world's problems!

Have a great weekend!

Brianne said...

I have a math brain...but sometimes I wish I had a creative brain! I'm very uncreative...I can't write the fun and thoughtful post you write because I'm bad with words...I'm only good with numbers. We all have our strengths in life I guess!

Anne Marie said...

Every job has a "training" period when you learn things and figure it out. Part of that is making mistakes. I think the "training" period for parenthood is lifelong:) Your intelligence and wit come through loud and clear on this blog!

Camie said...

Don't worry, today my bank sent me a letter letting me know that I had made a math error on an ATM transaction and I was off by $100!! You're not the only one--I make mistakes every day. I just don't have a job that requires me to do math on the spot or else I would be making even more mistakes!