Dec 10, 2008

Notecards We All Must Own.

I had not been in a Barnes and Noble bookstore in over a year because here in Western Massachusetts the Barnes and Noble is all on it's own thus making it oh so much more work to get to where as the Border's bookstore is attached to the mall and so much easier to make a point to go to since you are already in the mall at Ann Taylor Loft and Target.

But the other night on a whim I went into Barnes and Noble and the reason I am blogging about it is that even though I kept getting distracted by Joe and Tatiana playing on the escalator I saw something I had never seen anywhere else and I simply must figure out a way to own them.....notecards.

Not just any notecards these were "amazing" notecards. There were several different sets, they were all blank inside, and on the front were pictures from well known children's books. There was Frog and Toad, The Hungry Caterpillar, Where The Wild Things Are, Curious George, Dr Suess, and Sock Monkeys (is that a book?) Does not matter because the cards are A_D_O_R_A_B_L_E. There were many other titles but I cannot remember the other's at this moment.

After thinking about these notecards for 3 days and having dreams involving me writing notes on these notecards to my new best vampire friend, Edward I "googled" the cards and they are on Amazon and for $7.95. For that price you get 12 cards and they are printed on very nice heavy paper. You even could frame them if you wanted. Each set has 2 pictures from the appointed book, so 6 cards of each. I am trying to figure out how I justify $7.95 a week to start collecting these babies.

Can you not wait to get a note on them? Which ones do you think Edward would like :)


Bernd and Rachel said...

Ooooh, I'm going to look on Amazon right now Jenn!

Anne Marie said...

Those look awesome. Thanks for the idea. I have been looking for some ways to frame some of my favorite children's book illustrations (including Frog and Toad), so that sounds perfect.

Kristy said...

Those are very cute. I adore notecards of all kinds, speaking of collections. I have many. My dream would be to own a stationery store. With photographs for sale, too, of course!