Dec 19, 2008

Stretch Island Fruit Leathers

Did your mom ever make fruit leather when you were a kid? Puree fruit, pour it onto a piece of saran wrap and dry it in a dehydrator? It was the earliest version of a fruit roll up known to man. They were extremely frustrating to tear off the saran wrap. (What about saran wrap is not frustrating?) But once you ate a bite it was worth it and you would figure out all sorts of creative ways to get to the goodness.

See that stack of green boxes in the picture? These are the new and updated form of fruit leathers. They are not thin and full of sugar like fruit roll ups they are thick, in a little rectangle, and full of natural sugar. I do not really care too much about whether something is loaded with sugar or not but you might.

Because of Joe's allergies we have found ourselves shopping at some unusual stores throughout the years and in our travels to these stores we discovered Stretch Island Fruit Leathers. I did not buy them very often because they are a little pricey. Usually 5o cents APIECE. But occasionally I would find a way to order a box. About 4 months ago I found a pallet of these green boxes sitting innocently in little old Costco. I was thrilled beyond belief. They were $10.97 for 48 of them and they were all different flavors, a very exciting option that I had never had before.

It started out that every time I would go to Costco I would buy one box. I would empty all 48 of the individual rectangles into a Ziploc bag and hide them. I would have to hide them because technically they are for Joe since there are so few things he can eat. The other kids would go to a lot of work to find where I had hid the fruit leathers. Sometimes I would hide them so well I would not even be able to remember where I had hid them.

Interestingly enough as the fruit leathers became very accessible and cheap I became less worried and less careful about where I hid them. So now everyone takes one in their lunch and not only that.....gasp..... they try to eat them randomly throughout the day. But then one day all the fun came to a screeching halt when I went to Costco and the fruit leathers were half off. That was good and bad. Good because.....well duh, because they were cheaper. Bad because clearance means they are discontinuing them. So every time I went to Costco I would buy several boxes which is why I can take a picture of a stack of fruit leathers. So we currently have 480 fruit leathers but I am afraid that will not last very long and then we will be back to not having our stretch Island Fruit Leathers.


Kate said...

Jen - I hope Costco isn't getting rid of them and that you just happened on a fantastic bargain! If Costco really isn't going to sell them anymore, consider buying them online. The company has a website, carries them for what looks like a good price (with free shipping on orders of $25 or more) as do a few other places. Google "stretch island fruit leather" and see what deals you can find!

Anne Marie said...

I love those stretch island fruit leathers. That is an amazing price for them!

Kristy said...

They are yummy, but my favorites are made by Jovy, I believe. They were hard to find in Kansas, but they're all over in Utah!