Dec 29, 2008

When Plans Go Differently Than Planned.

For at least two weeks I had been planning that last Friday, the day after Christmas, would be the day that we would go to New York City as a family. As you already know it did not happen. And I really do not know why. There are a lot of things that I could surmise about the cause. But it really does not matter. The point was that we did do something, were together, and we did not sit around all we usually do :)

The plan change occurred on Thursday night and by the time Friday morning came and I realized I wanted it changed back it was too late to go back to the New York City plan. So Plan B was carried out. We drove to Fall River, MA where there is a place called Battleship Cove. Battleship Cove is the world's largest historic Naval Ship Exhibit. I do not have anything against the USS Massachusetts and the USS Lionfish (an attack submarine) and such...just after you spend $130.00 to get your family in to something you tend to have overly high expectations so I am really not in a good spot to sing Battleship Cove's praises since my grocery budget was shot because of it.

Although... we did get a lot of good pictures and Tatiana and Natalie and I explored a lot of the USS Massachusetts...which is a huge battleship. We went down many sets of stairs and found rooms full of missiles and all sorts of things. Natalie had to be talked through it all but I think she survived. I did enjoy seeing the tip of a shell that the USS Massachusetts shot at the Jean Burt during the Battle of Casablanca.

We stayed for two hours and then we headed to Cape Cod. Now anybody who is anybody knows that being able to casually include the words "the Cape" in your conversation when you live in New England is very important. And now I can fondly refer to it as "the Cape" also, without mentioning the small details that my "cape" experience occurred in December, involved hats and mittens, and plenty of available parking. My initial idea was we go all the way to the tip of Cape Cod to a town called Provincetown but when we realized that Cape Cod was so big we aborted our plan, yet again, and went to the beach in the little town of Dennis about half way up the Cape. We just could not drive another 63 miles in the wrong direction from home after already being in the car for 3 hours and having to get back to Westfield to do Joe's paper route.

I get the feeling it is a very prestigious thing to say that you spend some part of your summer on "the Cape." When we were driving there I was thinking in my little old head about name dropping. Wikipedia says that, "name dropping is the practice of mentioning important people or institutions in a conversation, story, song or other communication." And in case you did not know it is always done to impress other people and usually regarded negatively. You can make your social circle known by name dropping. I was around someone once who adored name dropping. I did not know her very well but she was the first person I had ever met who was a very serious name dropper. I confess I could very easily become a "wanna be name dropper"...honestly my life is so boring. No one is impressed if you mention Wal Mart in every sentence, however, if you mention going to Wal Mart on Cape Cod....then you are a happening chick and thus will greatly improve your social circle.

If you are gearing up to become a "name dropper" I must warn you that apparently it really does not get you anywhere and is a very transparent strategy, so I won't tell you any more about when I go to "the Cape" because you will see right through me :)

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