Dec 6, 2008

Why does my car do this?

Okay, I am seriously suspicious. Someone out there knew that I was going to get in a car accident they knew that my husband was going to find a Kia Sedona mini van at a delearship way out past Longmeadow and then they went to the dealership where the car was sitting and they evily installed this annoying feature. Nearly everytime I go around a corner the car beeps at me. I am not driving any differently then I ever have before. But I am so annoyed. And it not only beeps 4 times but a red light comes on on the dashboard that shows the word brake. Yeah, you would think I am careening around every corner in Massachusetts on two wheels huh? At first I wondered why the car has this feature? What good is it to make your driver feel indignant and bitter towards you? I have experimented with it and I cannot figure it out. I have even tried listening to my music super loud so I cannot hear the beep. It is like having a constant back seat driver in the car telling you that you are definitely doing it wrong.

I have received one ticket in 40 years of life. And I have been involved in two accidents that involved people rear-ending me and getting tickets for it. I backed into two different cars in my driveway in Indiana and that pretty much brings you up to date on my sordid driving past. No tickets for 2 wheeling corners, no tickets for irresponsible why oh why does my car keep doing this? Does your car do it to you ?


jcmcmt said...

Hmmm...sounds like it is trying to alert you to have your brakes checked! There might be a problem.

Jenn said...

I AGREE, go get those brakes checked. Should we drive the next time we are all together!? LOL :)