Jan 9, 2009


Did you know it is January 8th and I do not have a 2009 calendar? What is happening? The expectation has been that every year I get a Mary Engelbreit calendar. It was the same every year. It took me a couple years to educate the husband on who Mary Engelbreit was and then I assumed it was smooth sailing from there. But last year all of a sudden Mary Engelbreit calendars became hard to find...according to the husband. You could not just walk into a "big box" and pick one up. You might have to...gasp....look on line. So I did not get a Mary Engelbreit calendar last year and yep, you guessed it...no Mary Engelbreit this year. I have a Bridgeport National Bindery calendar...from Brian's work. Love the place of employment...do not get me wrong. But it does make the home feel a little like an auto body shop or car repair place that has a blank white wall with a tilted, spiral bound calendar hanging on the wall right next to the employee of the month sign. So I have not hung it up yet. And I am thus losing track of everything that would normally be on the calendar. I know the missionaries should be coming to dinner....but when?

I love Mary Engelbreit calendars because of the quotes in them quotes like:

"How beautiful it is to do nothing and then to rest afterward" A Spanish Proverb that was form May a couple of years ago. From the looks of May there was no rest in the month but the thought was ever so nice :)

"If you can attain repose and calm believe that you have seized happiness" Julie-Jeanne-Eleanore De Lespinasse

I confess I also love Mary's attention to detail and all the colors she uses.

Speaking of Mary Engelbreit when I left Kansas my friend Kristy slipped a box into my moving van. When I was unpacking in Indiana and I found this box I did not recognize. I opened it and inside was a Mary Engelbreit bowl...it was red (my favorite color) with cherries all around it..Kristy and Alyson had bought it for me knowing that I had looked at it many times when shopping on Mass Street in Lawrence but would never spend the money on it in a million years. I loved this bowl dearly. Literally weeks before we left Indiana for Massachusetts the bowl got broken. I was so sad. It was almost symbolic...long story :)

Well I guess I will order my own calendar online :)


Melissa said...

We are doomed with out a calender- hope you find one soon!

Maddilyn said...

Who broke that bowl again? Miriam? or was it someone's kid? or what?

Nieca and Roger said...

You might like a Susan Branch calendar. . .my mom got me one last year, I thought it was really cute, I was sad when the year ended and it was time to move on, but lo and behold yesterday the 2009 arrived on my doorstep, courteousy of my mommy.

Kelly Tillotson said...

they have a lot of mary engelbreit calendars and odds and ends at michaels in the dollar bins! (and sometimes i see her stuff at the christmas tree shop)

Scribbit said...

I was thinking the other about how I haven't bought a calendar in years--that just seems so wrong but it's all electronic for me lately.

Kristy said...

I think they should all be 50% off now! Did you find it yet? Let me know if I can help. You need your calendar!