Jan 18, 2009

Church Tables.

Just so you know...church tables have lots of uses :) During the week this table is the Seminary table. But this weekend Tatiana discovered a new use for the table that entertained she and Joe and Natalie for hours which was good because another snow storm rolled in causing our church to get cancelled yet again. I did not ask how they discovered the table could be a slide I did not want to know.

I found 2 church tables at a garage sale when we lived in Indiana and I have never regretted purchasing them. Brian hates them because they are so gosh darn heavy and he often has to move them in the house when we have company. They are most definitely not the newer, lighter church tables.

I wonder if the church recommends using them as a slide? I also wonder is it is okay to slide on a church table on the Sabbath? I wonder if you are looking at my messy playroom? One can not slide in a clean playroom.....it's all wrong.


Jenn said...

Men are that they might have JOY! Sliding on church tables, on Sunday, surely must fall into that category! Look at how happy they are!

Kristy said...

I love church tables! I was so sad that I had to leave my two big, heavy, clunky ones in Texas, but my neighbor was thrilled to have them. :)

Alli said...

Hi Jenn! This could just as well been our house! :) We are equally desperate/creative when it comes to passing the time in this winter wonderland! Glad to see all is well on the homefront!