Jan 22, 2009

Complaining About A Safety Device.

I may shock you a little with my complaining today but I am going to complain about something that is in my house that is there to keep me safe. But in my house this particular safety feature has an overachieving personality. I think it was born that way. And not only is it an overachiever but it is a leader.

When you walk in my front door and look up you will see the very innocent looking circle on the ceiling. It is one of 6 smoke detectors in my house. But this one is special you see, it is bound and determined to win the, "Smoke Detector of the Year Award." It is rare that this smoke alarm does not go off when we use the oven, and sometimes it will even go off when we use the stove top. And when it starts all the other smoke detectors immediately join in. If we swing a laundry basket, broom or jacket in front of this one it will stop and depending on it's mood it will either permanently stop or it will restart....just depending.

There are a couple things about this situation that are not good. The first is that you can imagine it could tend to make one a little self conscious about their cooking skills :) The second is that we all tend to ignore it...."the smoke alarm that cried wolf." One day I was boiling chicken in a pot on the stove and for the first time in my life forgot I was boiling chicken on the stove. I was downstairs and heard the smoke alarm go off and ignored it. Because, honestly, and truly it goes off ALL the time. A few minutes later I headed upstairs to get something and luckily was just in time to catch my chicken breast from catching fire. It is very bad to ignore your smoke alarm :)

While we are on the subject of burning things, ovens and such I must explain the picture. Last night I made cookies. At 6:00 Eastern Standard Time I had a batch in the oven that was almost done and I asked my very conscientious Amanda to please take them out when they were done because I needed to run into town and sign up Joe for lacrosse. So I ran to town, with Natalie, and signed up Joe, dropped DVDs at the library and headed home. Brian and all the other kids left for Wednesday activities at the church at about 6:25. I got home at 7:10 and when I opened the garage door there was a very bad smell and smoke ( by the way....NO smoke alarm blaring? ) Amanda had left the cookies in the oven. I have never seen a "hockey puck" cookie in my life but that is most definitely what we had. when I do the math I am amazed at how long those cookies were in the oven. And if you ever need to deliberately make "hockey puck" cookies I am happy to supply you with the details :) The worst part is how absolutely horrid the house smells.


Brianne said...

I left eggs boiling on the burner one night, and I went to bed! We woke up in the middle of the night to a house full of smoke that smelled like rotten eggs...YUCK. I thought that smell would never leave the house. Our smoke detector never went off though.

Scribbit said...

You know how disturbing that picture is don't you?

Anne Marie said...

That picture is hilarious. So glad that everyone was okay. Hope you can get rid of the smoke smell soon.

Melissa said...

Mmmm nothing like a hockey puck cookie to start the day!

Kristy said...

Where ARE you? I need an update. Please.