Jan 6, 2009

Giving Things Away.

Did that get your attention? Why do the words "giving away" get so much attention?

I have noticed that a lot of blogs have "give aways." I have really been wondering about that. Some people give away awesome things they make all by themselves, other people are so lucky that companies send them things that they can then give away to their readers. I have decided that you get more readers if you give things away. I have noticed since the holidays my daily number of readers, which used to be 42 has dropped to 23 did you know that these lucky people that give things away easily get 42 comments on just one post?...they eat my comments for a small, very un-filling snack :)

Believe me if I tried to give away anything I made you all would NOT be swarming to my blog.....I can MAKE my bed....but that would be awkward to give that away huh? I can MAKE my children do what I want them to do, but if I give the kids to you who will do what I want? :) I can MAKE people angry but sadly that is a special gift that one can not just give away. Due to my lack of self confidence I also can MAKE you feel great about yourself when you are around me..but I am sure that is way to expensive to ship. I can hear the lady at the post office asking me if there is anything "potentially hazardous, liquid or perishable" in the box I am shipping to you with my low self esteem in it :) Is low self esteem potentially hazardous or perishable ? :)

Maybe I could give away that file folder of all the patterns and instructions that I have collected throughout the years of things I am definitely going to make someday, when I am not immobilized by the fear of making them wrong :)

If I actually saved "stuff" I could give away the "stuff" that I have just "laying around." Sometimes it amazes me beyond belief what people have just laying around for when they need to casually whip up a birthday gift, wedding gift, or blog give away. But not me...nada.

Wait, I do have a box of old cassette's that I have not yet chucked....how about Hawaii Calls presents a collection of Favorite Hulas, or Selena, The Manhattan Transfer, The Best of Judy Garland.....whew my music tastes have really changed.

I have another idea... I could give away the clothes in my closet that no longer fit :) Would that increase my readers?

What about getting companies to give me stuff to give to you? What would I have to do for that to happen? I guess I would have to sit down and think of something I own that I love with all my heart. Some item that inspires me to use such fabulous descriptive words that you can not resist the urge to own the item yourself. Some item that I could never lie about my love, or need for. Some item you will do anything to buy. Then the company will notice a spike in the purchase of the item (especially if all 23 of you go buy it :) and they will trace it back to my Overthinking Everything blog and they will shower me with thanks and free gifts to give to you.

Okay, this sounds very do-able. So I am going to tell you all about some item that I own that I love and has changed my life...drum roll please... the item is, my new LL Bean flannel nightgown. I have worn flannel nightgowns my whole life. I love them. You can tuck your feet up inside of them. No one can tell how fat you are when you wear them. If someone accidentally comes to your house when you are still wearing them they cover everything and not embarrassing to be caught in in any way. Unlike the lingerie I know you all wear around the house :) I already googled "LL Bean Flannel nightgown" and guess what? 12,700 other people have already googled it before you so you better hurry. These are popular. Oh my goodness, they are so popular I can not even find them on LL Bean anymore...not even in the clearance. This is distressing. I was going to buy myself another one.

Well you will have to just enjoy looking at the picture I downloaded of my favorite LL Bean jammies and next time I tell you about something using such descriptive words that you can not resist the need to buy it be faster than that because I need a company to send me free items to give to you so I can be popular :)


My Many Coloured Days said...

There are billions of commenters out there who just don't know what they are missing. Your blog gives away so many smiles and tickled pinks - love it and you and your supposed low self-esteem. You inspire me.

Anne Marie said...

Oh, Jennifer, I absolutely love your blog! No need to give away anything to make me happy! Your wit and insights are more than enough! Hope you found that calendar you wanted to buy.