Jan 21, 2009

A letter for George W Bush.

Dear George W,

Even though you do not know me I was thinking about you this morning. Wondering what it is like after 8 years in the White House to be back in Texas? Won't it be nice not to have a job that everyone in America thinks they can do better? Just to be at home. No one to judge how you do things. Actually, I guess we never get away from people thinking the way we choose to do things is wrong. There is probably someone on your street that will have a problem with how often you mow your lawn or the way you put your trash out and will enjoy judging you for it.

I tend to worry too much about how people feel and I have found myself worrying a little bit about if you feel any gratefulness after 8 long years of trying to do the best you could for our country. Everyone seems so excited to get rid of you. When things are not going well people always look for someone to blame and they seem to have all picked you. No one seems to remember that there are a lot of factors involved in how a president makes decisions. There surely has to be alot of compromising and negotiating involved. I bet sometimes that is frustrating. You know what you want to get done and you really believe in it but other people may not see it that way and they delight in making it difficult for you to do what you want and they love telling you it is going to be hard or nearly impossible to do. I have that problem at home with my teenagers, my hubby and sometimes even people in my church.

I wonder if anyone expressed any gratitude to you for how hard you worked to keep life good for us? I think you were a very honest person and that is important to me that I can trust someone who is making decisions for me. I know you made some promises that you were not able to keep but that happens to everyone and everyone feels bad about it when they have to go back on a promise. But sadly we always expect that to never happen to the President. We Americans have very high expectations of their leaders and if we are not rich, happy, have a job and have no struggles we sadly blame you and demand change. And then when change does not work out we demand change again. We are all looking for utopia and it does not exist. Another very sad thing to me is that we always want someone to blame we do not seem to be very good at taking responsibility for our own actions. Obama has promised to take care of us and that makes a lot of people happy. But some domestic goddess in Massachusetts who listens to conservative talk radio when she can and reads the Wall Street Journal when she can knows that you wanted us to be happy too and that you did your best to take care of us.

And I am pretty sure that you know that in the coming years when anything bad happens for Obama it will be blamed on you and things you did. And not many people will research to find out for themselves if that is indeed true. We all look for our own truth and find it hard to believe there could be another opinion that could possibly be right. I am a perfect example. It is so strange when I stop and realize that just as strongly as I believe in conservative views there is someone else out there feeling just as strongly and sure about their liberal views.
I wish I was more confident with my opinions. I wish I understood more of how and why every decison was made during the past 8 years. It is like a huge puzzle with so many pieces and everyone seems to think it is just plain and simple. I wish I was someone important that everyone would listen to and respect so that I could remind everyone to show you some gratitude.

Well, thank you again for everything. Tell Laura I think she was a very classy first lady. And best of luck with your new life.

All my respect and admiration,



SwEaRiKa said...

Hi. It's me. I agree!

Kelly Tillotson said...

wow, i thought my sister-in-law and her hubby were the only ones who actually liked dubbya! i'll agree with you on one thing...i really do think laura is a very lovely lady.
we're going to practically be neighbors with them...only about 30minutes away--maybe ill run into laura at the grocery store....
:) i have your casserole dish that i thought my dear husband brought to church about a month ago....he had it in his car this whole time--ill be sure to bring it on sunday!

the skeans family blog said...

Well said jen... wish I could have been 1 of 25000 to met him in Midland but I was working. I am all for him...no one knows what prints he made positive of course until too late. Thanks for letter to Former pres. Bush.