Jan 12, 2009


Well I would love time for a leisurely post I have so many things to tell you about but here are the cold hard details that are holding me back from this love.

Washing Machine.....broken....must go to laundry mat with 6 baskets of laundry :)

My brother Jeff and his family from Utah that I have not seen in 4 years are in Boston so they are coming to dinner tonight. So I have to clean the house and make dinner so they do not think I am the incompetent sister :)

So tonight when all is done I will post something more substantial.


DeAnn said...

Good luck with that laundry. Our dryer broke, I did the exact same thing a few days ago. 6 baskets of laundry. The clerk at the laundromat thought I was crazy, I think. ;) Enjoy dinner tonight.

Melissa said...

Have fun at dinner! Sorry about the washer...not a great way to start the week! Hopefully it gets better!