Jan 2, 2009

The movie with Natalie and Tatiana.

For a couple weeks now I have been trying to find a three hour moment to take Natalie and Tatiana to see Bolt and finally yesterday all the stars aligned perfectly and we made it to the movie. I confess that every time I take Natalie to the movie I swear that I will never do it again. Every single other Baird child has been very capable of sitting still for long amounts of time so I keep forgetting that this child number 7 is different. I hate to leave her out but it is OH so tortuous to go with her to the movie.

It starts the minute we walk in the theater and smell popcorn. You see I am one of those mom's that has never bought treats in the movie and never will. It goes against everything I stand for to spend $5.00 on something I know I could buy for .64 cents somewhere else. I have been known to put a bag of treats in my purse but because I happen to be a rule follower that is not my favorite option. Anyway, Natalie is obsessed with the food. So after we go to the bathroom, brave the escalator, and pick a seat the first words out of her mouth are always that she is hungry. I have never given in and I never will but she continues to make it an issue.

Tatiana sits perfectly still in her seat and watches everything that happens and never says a word. Natalie changes seats, talks out loud, constantly asks when the movie will be over, constantly asks what is happening, mentions a few more times that she is hungry, climbs in my lap, gets off my lap, climbs in my lap, climbs off of my lap, does not understand that the previews are not the movie and panics about that and do not even ask about how many times we go to the bathroom, that is what kills me the most I cannot stand to leave the movie and miss a thing...yes, even in Bolt.

Every time we go to the movie I think to myself it surely has to be better this time but every time I am wrong and she does it again. I am thinking this might be the first Baird child that will have to be medicated :)

Bolt was fine. I hate it when I have to say that something was "fine." It's like saying something is "satisfactory." I want to love it or hate it. What does fine really mean? It sounds so plain. But there is no other way to describe Bolt. I am not sure what I expect of Disney and Pixar anymore. but the magic has not been there for awhile. Hmmmm maybe it is because Natalie has been with me the last 5 or 6 Disney movies I have seen.


Topher said...

Sounds EXACTLY like our youngest and movies. Ugh. I refuse anymore. We just get them when they come out at RedBox. If we all watch it it comes out to 20 cents per person since they're $1 to rent.

Kristy said...

Sounds like my little ADHD boys, too, although Nate grew out of his habit of running laps around the theater during the movie.

I also thought Bolt was fine, but I think all Pixar movies are fantastic.

And I always cave for the popcorn. You are a good example. :)