Jan 30, 2009

Oatmeal and Sly Fox.

Wait...I can explain....come back. I know 8 days not blogging is suicide in the blogging world and believe me it killed me more than it killed you. But let me start at the beginning and then you will forgive me and start checking my blog again everyday and tell your friends that I am back.

My last post was last Thursday...I think. Last week was a complete mess because the three high schoolers had mid-terms and the high school here does the strangest thing for mid terms that I have ever seen. They have mid terms the whole week. And so the kids only go to school for one or two hours a day. And they all come and go at different times every day so it was a joyous week of driving back and forth to the high school. We have never lived anywhere where they do midterms like this. Apparently, here in Massachusetts they never considered there might be parents who would have 3 kids at the high school at once. And they probably never considered that it would be a bother to have your three teenagers at home during mom time........sigh.....selfish me.

Thursday night was book club where we discussed Angle of Repose by my buddy Wallace Stegner.

Oh, and do not forget during all this chaos that Brian is in Colorado and Wyoming. And that I have a fast approaching talk in church on Sunday.

Friday night was Madeline and Amanda's track meet at Smith College. Madeline is the second fastest hurdler in the state of Massachusetts and the captain of the track team, two facts that I, her loving mother, did not even know so I thought I should go watch them run. A couple ladies from church went with me and we did not get home from the meet until very late. Madeline handily won her 55 meter hurdles and came within a second of setting a track record for the Smith College track but got disqualified because she had put her little tiny black pony tail holder on her wrist. Aaaaarghhh.

Then I got up early Saturday and drove an hour and a half to Ikea in New Haven with Natalie, some of my friends and their kids. I want you to know that I walked away from Ikea spending only $20.00. But in my heart I spent thousands.

Sunday was my talk. I am one of those people who can not "wing" a talk in church. I have to have every word I am going to say written down, leaving absolutely nothing to chance. Well I was in a panic as 2:00 am Sunday morning arrived and I did not have every word that I was going to say written down and I was just a little tired. I did not know what to do. So I decided to "wing" it. I knew I had all the information it was just what order it should go in. My talks have to make sense, have a point and flow perfectly. Is that asking too much? Oh, and be written in calligraphy :) Anyway, the talk went fine and the rest of that "day of rest" I had to plan Seminary lessons for the week.

That brings us to Monday. And the reason Monday through Thursday were a mess was because of three words, Sly Fox and Oatmeal. Many of you know that I am a "white wall girl." If I move into a house and any walls are painted we immediately paint them white. I have always been this way. But my WAAOCG ( We Are Afraid of Colors Group) meetings really helped and I finally realized that if you hate it you could....gasp.... always paint over it. I had finally noticed after all these years that I had a very white house.

I have been thinking and thinking and reading and reading and asking and asking about colors for about 6 years now. So I thought I was finally ready to make some decisions. I thought maybe a sage green in the kitchen. So I found a green I liked at Home Depot went to Wal Mart and had them mix it, brought a sample home and plopped some on the wall.....it was horrible. And I must say Wal Mart has the best return policy in the land. They took the paint back no problem and gave me my money back.

After brainstorming with my color/painting support system...AKA my, oh so patient, friend Mindy we decided that I should go with some red. I heard it was tough. That choosing red was only for the heartiest of painters but I ADORE the color red so I decided to go for it. I have a red sign in my kitchen that has the saying, "There's No Place Like Home" on it and I love this sign, it is the perfect color red. Because, you do know there are 9 million different reds out there don't you ? So despite the fact that the sign is long and awkward I dragged it with me into Wal Mart....wait, you say, why Wal Mart? Good question. Through all my years of asking questions and reading Consumer Report everyone seems just as content with Wal Mart paint as any other. Everyone in the world except my husband. So I went to Wal Mart but as I was standing there talking to a paint guy that did not look quite like I thought a paint guy should I could hear my husbands disapproving voice in my head and that was not good because you see I was painting while he was on a trip and I was not telling him. Yes, kind jury Mrs. Baird premeditated "the painting crime." I had planned it for weeks knowing he would be out of town. I even bought the "blue tape" long before he got on the airplane to Denver and hid it from him. :)

But you do not really want to hear about how I set a very bad example by not consulting with the husband before painting do you? But in my defense I have been asking him to paint for awhile and he always has a reason why we can't. And now that I am 40 I am on this "I can do it myself" kick. My whole life I have been very gifted at providing refreshments and entertainment while people do things for me and I wanted to actually do something myself.

Okay, back to our story where we are now across the street from Wal Mart at Home Depot where the "better" half supposedly buys their paint. :) I gave up on Wal Mart and to help with my "painting without permission guilt" had headed to Home Depot with my sign that had the perfect color red on it. The Home Depot people were very nice and worked for awhile on matching the red on my sign. While I was there I also got a neutral color for my walls that would not be painted red. And my neutral color ended up being Ralph Lauren's Oatmeal. Crazy, huh? I had very long chats with several people about painting red and how to do it perfectly. And after all my information gathering I decided to put down Glidden's gray gripper primer before the red. So I left Home Depot with 2 gallons of Ralph Lauren's Oatmeal in Satin. (only the silkiest oatmeal for Ralph) and one gallon of my specially mixed, and at long length discussed gallon of red, and my primer. Oh, do not forget two more rolls of tape and some Purdy rollers. All the professionals, like me, use Purdy Rollers.

It was Monday evening and I got everything ready. Moved furniture, masked, laid down drop cloths, masked, yelled at children, masked, worked on my seminary lesson, masked, painted the primer on, and masked some more...just for fun.

I had decided, with help, to paint two walls and the front part of my stairs....(I have hardwood floors and stairs so "the front" is the part on the stairs that is usually white and shows all the scuff marks?) red and everything else oatmeal.

Tuesday morning Mindy came to help me and we started with the red. I looked at it and thought something was not right...but I figured it would work out okay but as the day went on and we got more of it on the wall and less of it in the can I was pretty sure that this was not red it was purple trying to be red. And I knew Brian would be home Wednesday evening and may be sad about purple mixed with red :) So I went back to Home Depot and chose a red that no one would have to mix without a machine telling them exactly how to do it. Besides it had been bothering me that my paint color did not have a name. So I chose Behr's Sly Fox. And it was perfect.

So to make a long story short I painted and painted and painted without stopping.... all through a snow day, a delayed start, children fighting, children wondering what was for dinner. I stopped for only the paper route's, to teach Seminary and to kill Joe when he was chasing Amanda around a corner and put his hand in my freshly painted red wall. I had a catastrophe involving the "blue tape" very thoughtlessly pulling up chunks of my already painted wall. But I "googled" and called some friends and started over. When Brian walked in the door on Wednesday night the kids were so excited to show him what we had done. Let's just say he was not as excited as they would have liked. And he definitely would have done a better job all while not getting paint on the screwdriver and the outside of the can.

But I am very pleased with myself. I am amazed the rest of you were right and that color does make a difference. Everything feels...warmer :)


Anonymous said...

Woohoo Girlfriend...I LOVE IT!!! That oatmeal color is to die for...and the red accent walls are perfect. The stairs turned out great too. Hooray for the "I can do it myself" kick.


Brianne said...

Very nice paint job. I really like the colors!

How was bookclub? Was there any decision made on what we are going to read for February?

DeAnn said...

Yeah, Jennifer! I am opposite of you. When I move into a house with white walls it drives me crazy until they aren't white. You should SOO post a picture! Congrats on the new "warmer" house. Brian will get used to it.

Jenn said...

It looks really good! I love the colors. I can't wait to come over and see it! Tell Madeline that the whole DQ thing really bites!!!!

Andy said...

love, love, love it! of course i wasn't in the dark about the whole project... :)

Camie said...

I'm SO PROUD of you!! The whole time I was reading your post I really thought that the end of the post was going to be why and how you had changed the red walls and stairs back to white, and you just posted the pictures to show us what it did look like. But I was so happy with the ending--the wall and stairs stayed red! YAY! I love the color--you chose very well.

Anne Marie said...

Looks beautiful! Glad you're back in the blogging world. Sounds like things have been very busy. I am so impressed that Madeline has done so well in hurdling (is that a word?). Too bad about being disqualified:(

Melissa said...

Love the colors! I love to paint but it I always agonize over the color. There is something very impowering about "doing it your self". Good job!

My sisters were high school hurdlers (the gene apparently skipped me)and my sisters good friend is running hurdles for BYU this year. Tell Madeline she is awesome!

Melissa said...

I loved seeing the "tree" on your piano- I had so much fun hanging out at your house late at night painting those!