Jan 20, 2009

Pictures and Words :)

This is why I have to change where I work on my Seminary lesson in the evening. Amanda is doing homework. Miriam is doing homework and Natalie is just hanging out. And you can not see Madeline because she is taking the picture. I feel like I am constantly living in my Helaman Halls dorm room at BYU. I never did understand my roommates who did the study at the library thing until last night when my girls would not be quiet while I was trying to plan my lesson.

One of my fondest memories from growing up is going thrift store shopping in Everett, Washington with my 3 sisters and my mom. There was nothing like the thrill of a "find." Sadly, I was not the one in our family blessed with "the gift." What is "the gift", you ask? Well, "the gift" is that you can walk into any thrift store in the continental United States and find all the name brand clothes with nothing wrong with them. Not only that, they fit your cute little skinny body perfectly and they happen to have a tag on them that designates them as costing half off on that particular day. My sister Sarah has "the gift." Sometimes my mom, Rebecca, Rachel and I get lucky but Sarah has "the gift." You see, you want to find something that everyone else is green with envy that you found but they have to pretend they are so happy you found it. That never happens to me. When we were all "thrift storing" together in Georgia this past October I got semi close with this Pottery Barn Kids shower curtain for $3.00.

This is Miriam and Nichole. Miriam and Nichole are inseparable. Every single weekend they are together. They fight. They make up. They laugh. They drive each other crazy. They plan a party and invite boys to come and play games or watch movies with them every weekend. When we moved to Massachusetts it was a very tough move and Miriam is the only child who decided that praying about her needs was the answer. So, honestly, she prayed and asked for a friend and I kid you not that within a week Nichole was the answer to Miriam's prayers. The only bummer is Nichole is a senior and Miriam is a junior. Every weekend when they are together and they are playing music too loud, dancing through the house and laughing until they cry I watch them and I can not help but think of all my dear girlfriends I have had throughout the years and how being a girl is just thoroughly delicious. I may complain about their drama but it is what makes girls who we are. I can not imagine how boring we would be without our drama.... I guess sort of like boys :)
Look carefully.... can you see the top of a the 18 year old's head?
Wouldn't you expect to see the head here? Yeah, me too. But for some reason in the midst of raising 7 children Madeline, child number 2, did not get the memo on the difference between different pieces of furniture and their uses. Bed is for sleeping. Floor is for walking on....okay, or for throwing clothes on. And shelves and bedside tables are for piling stuff on

Please tell me if there is any way to cook for your family and avoid having dishes? I thought I had other reasons for not cooking dinner all these past couple years and this morning when I stared at this mess on the counter I had one of those "revelation" type moments and realized that the true reason was the dishes that one can not help dirtying. Yes, the dish washer is full of clean dishes. Yes, the children do the dishes. This is what is left.


Melissa said...

How lucky to have your teenagers seek you out and want to be with you! (even if they are loud at least they like you! :) You are definately doing something right- you always were a cool mom!

Maddilyn said...

you took a picture of me while I was sleeping?! and actually, its way comfortable, I'm never going back to beds again.

Anne Marie said...

That picture of the four daughters is classic! Love the pic of the kids on the church table. I'm sure it was made for that express purpose.