Jan 17, 2009

Pushing Spring.

A week ago I remembered to order seed catalogs. I ordered one from Territorial Seed, Johnny's, Burpee and another from New England Seed Company. I am trying to be very focused on the garden this year. Every year in my life, so far, I imagine myself ordering my seeds and starts from a catalog. I imagine being on a first name basis with the UPS guy as he delivers all my "goods." But so far that little fantasy has not happened. This year I decided to make sure I had some catalogs that were based in New England thinking I heard somewhere that that was a very important detail, to order seeds from a catalog in your general area. Territorial Seed Company is in Oregon, more specifically Cottage Grove where my parents live. I am not sure why I ordered it...just curious. But Johnny's is in Maine, Burpee is in Pennsylvania, and of course New England Seed is in Hartford, CT and you really can not be a seed company and get much closer to me than that :) Maybe it does not matter at all where your seeds come from. But remember I have some strange "do it exactly right" agenda this year.

The Territorial Seed catalog from the West coast came first and the Johnny's catalog came a day later. The others have not come yet.

I spent the whole day today sitting at the kitchen table reading seed catalogs. I got the all important fresh notebook with nothing yet written in it. And each page will be devoted to a certain item that will go in my garden. I am writing how deep the seeds should be planted, which amount of sun they prefer, how tall they will grow, which variety I order, how it does, how far to plant them from each other, and any special notes that will help me in my "perfect garden" quest. You may feel inclined to point out to me that I have never done this before and my gardens have been fine. But I will always wonder if it could be better than it is if I do not at least one year do everything exactly right. This may be the year Brian wants to get a new wife. :) My rows will be perfectly straight and things that need to be trellised will be trellised ever so perfectly. I will sing merrily to the bugs as I kill them with chemicals I am researching :) And I will make friends with the animals so they won't eat a thing they are not invited to eat. And then I will make signs in each animals particular language so they will know when they are invited to nibble :)

I have been researching herbs and what purposes they can serve. It cannot hurt to know which ones can help with what ailment..... just in case. So I am planting some herbs that I have never tried before....Winter Savory and Feverfew...and some other herbs that I have always planted but recently discovered they have some other purposes....did you know chewing on a dill seed will reduce flatulence? The new herbs I chose are perennials and need minimal love and I have a good spot for those kind of guys. My first project when the 12 inches of snow that is currently on the ground melts is tear all the undergrowth out of this one area that I did not get to last year. This area is going to be my herb area. Then I need to try that Craigslist thing and find some free bricks to make little herb "areas."

My head is spinning with all sorts of terms. I am wondering if I should try treated seeds? I am thinking I am going to plant determinate tomatoes this year instead of indeterminate ones. I never knew you were supposed to prune indeterminate ones to get the best harvest. For the first time I am reading carefully about varieties and which ones are more resistant to disease and which ones are more flavorful. I am even considering buying the varieties that are not circled by the seed catalog people as the ones everyone chooses. Which is the easy way out. :)

I chose 5 different kinds of cut flowers. And I am going to plant long rows of flowers this year. I am very excited about that part. I am looking for the perfect dahlia.

So i will keep you posted and you can take bets as to when my perfect garden quest will end :)

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Anne Marie said...

Sounds wonderful. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to plant. I have wanted to try an herb garden for a long time. I would just love to have some fresh basil to add to my pasta sauce.